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Popular educational programs that our students have chosen

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Vistula University

VISTULA university is one of the best private universities in Poland. It was founded in 1996 as The Higher School of economics and Computer science in Warsaw, and in 2011 it was renamed VISTULA University

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Webster University

Webster University was founded in 1983. During its existence, the university has become home to students from all over the world who are looking for a globally-oriented education.

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Lazarski University

The university holds an honorable third place among private universities in Poland. A successful combination of an outstanding teaching staff, effective international partnerships and a special training system that focuses on practical knowledge.

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Arel University

Istanbul Arel University is a private university founded in 2007 in Istanbul. It is located in the beautiful, gorgeous and quiet Tepekent district of Istanbul and has 3 campuses

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Chonbuk National University

Founded in 1947, Chonbuk National University (CBNU) is a comprehensive, research university in South Korea. The university is located in Jeonju, which means the ‘perfect area,’ the capital of North Jeolla Province

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Chonnam National University

Study in South Korea. Its main campus is located in Gwangju, a city in the South East perhaps best known for its history of art and political activism and, in more recent times, entrepreneurial spirit.

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Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology

Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology (PJAIT) was founded in 1994 as the fruit of cooperation of governments of Poland and Japan. Since its early years it has been ranked among the top institutions of higher education in Poland.

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Solbridge School of Business

Solbridge International School of Business Woosong University is one of the most prestigious business schools in Korea, offering world-class education for students from different countries.


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Interesting articles

Interesting articles and recommendations about studying abroad will help you to avoid make the right choice and avoid making mistakes!

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Higher education in Romania and its advantages.

April 19, 2021 2502 19

Education in Romania without an IELTS certificate and at affordable prices

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In which countries is it cheaper to study than in Uzbekistan?

(not set) 221219 19

In this article, we shall review countries where higher education is much cheaper than in Uzbekistan, or even free! It is an excellent option for students who did not succeed to enter a university in Uzbekistan!

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Self-Preparation for IELTS exam

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IELTS Exam is an English Proficiency Test. Self-preparation for passing this test is possible, especially if a person is a native speaker of English and knows it at a level that exceeds intermediate.

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Homestay while studying abroad

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Let's talk about the type of residence, which is called host family. I have repeatedly lived in host families in Canada and the UK and I can say that a lot depends on your mood.

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Comments of our students, who successfully applied for foreign educational institutions

Higher education abroad


For building a successful career, demand as a specialist in modern society, a high position in society and decent pay, the main role is played by higher education, and it is better if it is received abroad.

Most receive their first higher education in domestic educational institutions, while the quality of education, acquired knowledge and skills leave much to be desired. Many students who graduated from domestic universities do not achieve decent work, and if they find a job, they get a meager salary. Therefore, in our time, students need to think about their future and consider options for studying abroad, obtaining a quality education abroad is the key to success in the future in the labor market in Uzbekistan, and in any country in the CIS.

The most prestigious education can be obtained in countries such as England, USA, Switzerland. Inexpensive higher education is Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, France, South Korea, Turkey, China, etc. Education is mainly conducted in English due to its prevalence, but you can also get education in German, Spanish, French, Czech, Polish, Korean and Chinese.

Higher education abroad are divided into the following categories:

  • Foundation, Pathway (Preparatory courses for admission to foreign universities) - a program for students and schoolchildren after grade 11 or college who want to enter foreign universities immediately after graduation from school or college. This program is similar to preparatory courses for entering a foreign university, but when compared with domestic preparatory programs, the Foundation is not only preparation for entering a university, but also a basic elementary level of higher education.
  • Bachelor's (Undergraduate) - undergraduate in the usual sense for us. Studying lasts 3-4 years, unlike domestic universities, abroad, the student really gets knowledge and study, while he has the opportunity to independently pay for the cost of study, as a student visa allows you to work. A bachelor's degree can be obtained, both the first higher education, and the second.
  • Pre-Masters (Master's program) - a preparatory program after undergraduate studies for those who wishing to study further and get a master's degree in a particular field.
  • Masters (Master) - training lasts from 1 to 3 years, during which the student is engaged in research work, which is aimed at implementing his own project within the framework of specialization.
  • MBA - A specialized program for the preparation of masters in various fields of business. Typically, training takes 2 years, the knowledge gained allows you to occupy and perform the functions of a middle and senior manager.
  • University Transfer Program - a program that prepares for admission to the undergraduate program and enrollment immediately for the 2nd year of a foreign higher educational institution.

Pros and Cons of Education Abroad

Pluses - The highest level and quality of education, the demand for graduates in the labor market, the high scientific and pedagogical level of teachers, complete immersion in the educational process, valuable contacts and contacts abroad.

Cons - the only disadvantage of studying abroad is the financial side, since not every parent can afford to pay the cost of training. But this problem is solvable, many foreign universities understand this, and allow students to work after studies, scholarships and grants for good studies are also provided, which can also cover most of the cost of training.

How much does studying abroad cost?

Prices range from 200 to 50 000 USD per year in 2020 year. You can see the full list of study programs with prices in our list of studies.