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Higher education in Romania and its advantages.

April 19, 2021 23375 19

Education in Romania without an IELTS certificate and at affordable prices

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In which countries is it cheaper to study than in Uzbekistan?

(not set) 242092 19

In this article, we shall review countries where higher education is much cheaper than in Uzbekistan, or even free! It is an excellent option for students who did not succeed to enter a university in Uzbekistan!

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Self-Preparation for IELTS exam

(not set) 351067 19

IELTS Exam is an English Proficiency Test. Self-preparation for passing this test is possible, especially if a person is a native speaker of English and knows it at a level that exceeds intermediate.

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Homestay while studying abroad

(not set) 354229 19

Let's talk about the type of residence, which is called host family. I have repeatedly lived in host families in Canada and the UK and I can say that a lot depends on your mood.

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Studying at Australian Universities

(not set) 335891 19

The main difference between Australian education and that in other Western countries is greater financial accessibility. Education at universities in Australia is much cheaper than, say, in England or the United States

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Successful study in Poland - what are the features and advantages?

(not set) 354316 19

In recent years, Poland, or rather its universities, attract more and more foreign students. Universities in this country provide quality higher education, and their diplomas are quoted in all countries of Europe and in most countries of the world.

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Is it possible to get a free education in Europe?

(not set) 354148 19

free European education is a proven fact. And this is no exception to the rule. Different countries, of course, on their terms, provide students with the right to graduate for free.

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