Chonnam National University


Established in 1952, Chonnam National University is South Korea’s first national university.

Study in South Korea. Its main campus is located in Gwangju, a city in the South East perhaps best known for its history of art and political activism and, in more recent times, entrepreneurial spirit.

Chonnam National University students took part in several demonstrations between the 1950s and the country’s first free democratic elections in 1987. Having drawn comparisons with Tiananmen Square, the best-known is 1980’s student-led uprising against the military dictatorship outside the university’s gates.

Hundreds of people were killed as paratroopers opened fire, but, with the government’s response largely seen as excessive, public support for democracy increased. Many students had marched alongside their lecturers to protest against a military coup. Some see Gwangju and CNU as symbols of democracy and human rights to this day.

In 2006, a merger with Yeosu University saw an integrated institution formed, with Yeosu’s becoming a satellite campus to the south east of the main campus of CNU, which grew to 40 departments in 17 colleges. Yeosu, in the far South, is a coastal city that consists of the Yeosu peninsula and more than 300 islands 

In recent years, CNU has steadily increased its focus on internationalisation, building new facilities and creating scholarship programmes aimed at overseas students, forming partnerships with African universities in particular and encouraging language learning.

The design of Chonnam National University's official emblem was the result of a campus wide competition held in 1955. The winning entry was submitted by Mr. Suh Sang-hak, a junior in the Department of Korean Literature. 

The total amount of research funds that CNU professors were rewarded exceeded 120 billion won, enlisting CNU as a top-10 research university in Korea. CNU was also selected as a world-class research university. CNU is on sound footing in terms of research capacity.

Colleges & Schools

  • 16 Colleges with 83 Departments for Undergraduates Nursing, Business Administration, Engineering, Engineering Science, Agriculture and Life Sciences, Culture and Social Sciences, Law, Education, Social Sciences, Human Ecology, Fisheries and Ocean Sciences, Veterinary Medicine, Pharmacy, Arts, Medicine, Humanities, Natural Sciences
  • 1 Graduate School Master's Program: 122 Programs Doctoral Program: 112 Programs
  • 5 Professional Graduate Schools Business, Culture, Law, Medical, Dental
  • 5 Special Graduate Schools Education, Industry and Technology, Industry-University Cooperation, Fisheries and Ocean Sciences, Public Policy

Chonnam National University Rankings

This university is one of the best national universities in Korea. It is ranked very high in the national rankings which include 10th in Korea by CWUR and 13th in Korea by USNews. Also, it is ranked 114th in Asia by Top Universities and 171th-180th in Asia by Times Higher Education. This ranking among thousands of universities in Korea and in Asia is very high.


The tuition fee for international students in Chonnam National University is affordable compared to other universities because it is a public university. For undergraduate and graduate students, the tuition fee is approximately $8,000 per year. Of course, the tuition fee differs according to your major., but on average it is $8,000 per year.


The admission process for international students is pretty straightforward in Chonnam National University. If you want to access the admission guides, visit Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions. These admission guides have all the information that you will need in applying to this university including application forms and required materials.

Chonnam National University Scholarships

This university offers many scholarships to international students. Both undergraduate and graduate students are eligible for full tuition scholarships for two years. For undergraduate students, this scholarship may be extended.

Accommodation: at Campus in university, shared with international student in the same gender


  • GPA ≥ 2.50
  • Proficiency in English communication
  • Able to adapt and stay in international environment
  • Be responsible
  • Experience/contribution in the public/university activities, especially in the term of international aspect is advantage.

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