Busan University of Foreign Studies


Based on Christianity and democracy, the Busan University of Foreign Studies seeks to nurture experts with leadership so that they can contribute to the prosperity and welfare of its nation and human society. To this end, the university places a strong emphasis not only on fostering creativity and leader's characters but also on practical studies of foreign languages and cultures.

Busan University of Foreign Studies was founded in 1981 by the late Chung Tae-sung. His philosophy for education was that young intellectual minds must become leaders internationally. Busan University of Foreign Studies was founded as a college for studying foreign languages in April 1982 with its first students studying English, French, Japanese, Chinese, German, Indonesian, Malay, and Thai. Through the 1980s, the college expanded its programmes and finally became a university in 1991. As of 2009, Busan University of Foreign Studies has academic exchange program agreements with 94 universities in 24 countries. It's published in May in 1994 Quarterly Pusan International Forum.

BUFS consists of 7 colleges, four graduate school programs, and nine research institutes. The language portion of the school is structured in three of the colleges: College of English, Japanese, and Chinese, College of Occidental Studies, and College of Oriental Studies. In addition to English, other Western languages offered include French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and German. Eastern languages in addition to Japanese and Chinese include Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malaysian, Burmese, Hindi, Arabic, Turkish, and Uzbek.

The university also provides programs of study in international studies, Korean language and literature, international law, international business, and IT.


  • College of English, Chinese and Japanese Studies
    • Division of English
      • Major in English for Tourism and Convention
      • Major in English for Communication, Interpretation and Translation
      • Major in British & American Literature and Culture Contents
      • Major in English for IT
    • Division of Japanese Communication
      • Major in Japanese Interpretation and Translation
      • Major in Japanese Language and Literature
    • Division of Japanese Business
      • Major in Japanese in Hotel and Tourism
      • Major in Japanese in Business and IT
    • Division of Chinese
      • Major in Chinese Interpretation and Translation
      • Major in Chinese Language and Culture
  • College of Occidental Studies
    • Department of French
    • Department of German
    • Department of Spanish
    • Department of Portuguese
    • Department of Russian
    • Department of Italian
    • Department of Commercial Relations in the EU
  • College of Oriental Studies
    • Department of Thai
    • Department of Indonesia-Malaysia
    • Department of Arabic
    • Department of India
    • Department of Vietnamese
    • Department of Myanmar
    • Department of Turkish and Central Asian Languages (Kazakh, Uzbek)
    • Department of Commercial Relations in China
  • College of Humanities and Social Sciences
    • Department of Paideia for Creative Leadership (Liberal Arts/ Global Dual Degree Program)
    • Division of Korean Language & Literature
      • Major in Korean Literature
      • Major in Korean Education as a Foreign Language
      • Major in Korean Language and Literature for Foreigners
    • Department of Visual Media
    • Department of History and Tourism
    • Division of Law and Police
      • Major in Law
      • Major in Police
    • Department of International Relations
    • Department of Social Welfare
  • College of Commerce
    • Division of Business Administration
      • Major in International Management
      • Major in Service Management
    • Department of International Trade
    • Department of Data management
    • Division of Accounting and Taxation
      • Major in Accounting and Money Business
      • Major in Taxation
    • Department of Economics
    • Department of e-Business
    • Department of International Secretarial [Administrative] Studies
    • Division of Russian & Indian Business Studies
      • Major in Russian Business and Area Studies
      • Major in Indian Business and Area Studies
  • College of Natural Science
    • Department of Information Mathematics
    • Department of Computer Engineering
    • Division of Digital Media Engineering
      • Major in Multi-Media
      • Major in Information Communication
    • Department of Embedded IT
    • Division of Sports and Leisure Studies
      • Major in Sport for All
      • Major in Sport Management
      • Major in Golf


Required application documents

  • Academic Records⑤Recommendation letters
  • Certificate of Balance(Over 13,000USD)
  • Test of Proficiency in Korean(TOPIK)(Option
  • Minimum GPA Requirement2.5/4.5


Dormitory(On-Campus, Twin room)Internet, Wi-Fi, Air Conditioner, Shower(each room), Desk and Chair, Bed, Closet, CVS(F1), Laundry Room(F1), Cafeteria(F1), Gym(F1)Dormitory(Off-Campus, Twin room, Triple room)Internet, Wi-Fi, Air Conditioner, Shower(each room), Desk and Chair, Bed, Closet, Laundry Room(F1), Kitchen(F1), Gym(F1)


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