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Mokwon University has been producing competent persons who can contribute to the nation and society based on the founding moto of Truth, Love, and Service since it was founded by Dr. Charles D. Stokes in 1954.

We are very proud of our honorable tradition of contributing to the development of the nation by producing leaders of various fields including culture, art and education who play a major role in enlightening the people.

Now, after declaring our vision of connecting a half-century tradition with the bright future of the coming century, we call together the ability and wisdom of Mokwon. This year, our university was selected by the government as an ACE (Advanced College of Education) university and chosen to participate in the four areas of university specialization projects, receiving a financial grant of about 17.1 billion won.

The major objective of the ACE project is strengthening basic liberal arts education through which, as a well-rounded university, we try to build students’ character and sensibility. We are going to offer and strengthen extra-curricular subjects needed to foster persons who are globally-minded, creative, and outstanding in the field of each major as well as living well with others.

We will focus on raising the satisfaction level of education and ensuring the substantiality of education, by bringing faculty members and students closer and making it possible for students to do self-directed study. Promising a second renaissance with my managing policy of student-centered education, Mokwon University is preparing for the future with new vision and values through MVP 2020, a long-term development plan.

The eduacational goal of Mokwon University are to provide higher education based on the nation’s educational ideals for youths and to to foster competent, sincere person who can contribute to the nation and society.

The educational objective of Mokwon University is to cultivate competent person who can contribute to the various fields of society by teaching advanced academic theories and by researching relevant application methods for the development of the nation and humanity based on the University motto of Truth, Love and service and nation’s educational ideals.


  • Theology
  • Humanities
  • Engineering
  • Techno-Sciences
  • Social Sciences
  • Music
  • Arts & Design
  • Education
  • Division of TV and Film



  • Applicants whose parents are both foreigners and who are graduates of a domestic or foreign high school or who will be graduating from high school. However, an exception is made for applicants who have completed elementary school, middle school, and high school courses in more than two countries and have missed school days equivalent to less than a semester (six months) due to differences in academic systems in the process of transferring to a school in a third country.
  • Applicants with the above qualifications who have more than one of the following qualifications
    Applicants who have acquired higher than Grade 3 (but, athletic or artistic students need TOPIK Level 2) on the Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK) offered by the Korea Institute of Curriculum & Evaluation. However, Korean-Chinese students (graduates of Korean ethnic schools) among Chinese students are exempt from this requirement.


Mokwon Haksa, the on-campus dormitory

Composed of two eight-story buildings, this dormitory can accommodate 1,100 students both male and female (4 persons for 1 room). Each building is equipped with two elevators, network lines, lounges, gyms, computer rooms, reading rooms, laundries and micro-wave ranges and each room has a refrigerator, chairs, computer desks, beds, wardrobes, shoe cupboards, a toilet-bathroom, and a telephone. It has air-conditioning systems (central heating and separate cooling) and kitchens for international students' exclusive use. It is well equipped for comfortable living and studying.

Yuseong Haksa, the off-campus dormitory

This dormitory is a five-story building for female students. Four persons share a room. The building contains elevators, network lines, telephones, lounges, cafeterias, ironing rooms, a gym, a reading room, a workroom, and various welfare facilities, and each room has chairs, computer desks, beds, wardrobes, shoe cupboards, and an air conditioner. The dorm is well equipped for comfortable living, studying and enjoying leisure.

Nuri-gwan, a dormitory jointly run by local universities

Nuri-gwan, an 11-story building including a basement, is an off-campus dormitory which accommodates 450 persons. It contains bed rooms for two, common cooking rooms in which simple cooking is possible, a gym for training body and soul, a laundry, a lounge, a cafeteria. There are shuttle buses for students' convenience.



Sejong the Great A

In the case of International students who are recommended by committees of International Relations,

  • Selecting the maximum 20 students from North America, Europe, Africa, Central and South America, Oceania, and other nations in Asia
  • Exemption of the entrance fee and 100% of tuition while in school

Sejong the Great B

In the case of International students from Mokwon University’s partner universities,

  • Exemption of the admission fee
  • Outstanding students(TOPIK 4thlevel or above, athletic or artistic students: TOPIK 3rdlevel or above):40% of tuition

Sejong the Great C

In the case of International students who are excluded in Sejong the Great Scholarship A and B:

  • Outstanding students(TOPIK 4thlevel or above, athletic or artistic students: TOPIK 3rdlevel or above):40% of tuition

A student who has completed the Korean Language Course of Mokwon University has no admission fee upon enrollment.

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