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SolBridge International School of Business

SolBridge is located in Daejeon, Republic of Korea, a city at the crossroads of Korea’s expressway and railway systems and the location of Korea’s ‘Silicon Valley’ commonly known as Daedeok Innopolis. Daedeok Innopolis is a 30+ year old world-class research cluster which has been largely responsible for the explosive growth of science and venture business and has positioned Korea to be a technological leader of the 21st century. Facts about Daedeok Innopolis• Over 900 high technology firms • 60 educational and government-run institutions and corporate research centers• More than 7,500 researchers holding doctorate degreesSolBridge has collaborated with many of these industry leaders to provide opportunities for student internships and future graduate placements. In addition to being known as a city of science and education, Daejeon is surrounded by beautiful forests, mountains, and lakes. Numerous parks, art centers, and museums as well as sports facilities establish a healthy balance of business and environmental harmony. A variety of efficient transportation services are also available, so students can travel easily around the city.

SolBridge was also the winner of the AACSB 2016 Innovations That Inspire Award. The AACSB Centennial Committee recognized SolBridge for its impressive commitment toengagement, innovation, and impact.One of the best 30 amongst 300+ submissions and 200 institutions from 35 countries worldwide. SolBridge won the category for “Connect - Outreach and Engagement”From October 15 through November 20, 2015, AACSB member schools were invited to share ways in which they have challenged the status quo. Over 300 innovations were submitted from more than 200 institutions across 35 countries—an array of inspirations that illustrates an impressive commitment to engagement, innovation, and impact.

SolBridge prepares students to be the next generation of Asian ‘Thought Leaders’ in the fast growing and rapidly changing Asian economy. SolBridge is unique among business schools for the following reasons:• All courses are taught in English• 80% of faculty are international professors with degrees from prestigious universities• Students are taught under an international business teaching model• A strong focus on business in Asia is cultivated through diverse academic and cultural programs including the requirement for BBA students to learn a third language• An international student body in attendance with over 75% coming from 30+ countries • A balance is maintained between theory and practice through immersion programs, special lectures, certificate programs, workshops, site visits, and internships

SolBridge has brought together a remarkable faculty with extensive expertise. Faculty members deliver a world-class education, international in perspective, offering top-flight instruction and hands-on training in the critical aspects of contemporary business practice with a focus on doing business in Asia.


Учеба в Южной Корее

The seventeen-story SolBridge complex, conveniently located near Daejeon train station, is one of the most modern campuses in Korea, boasting many in-door facilities. In addition to the state-of-the-art classrooms, the building has a modern computer lab, library, auditorium, library, restaurants, coffee shop, swimming pool, and fitness center. Being part of the Woosong Educational Foundation, students can access the nearby Woosong University campus which has numerous fitness facilities, additional libraries, language laboratories, and international-standard residences.

Degree programs

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (BBA)

The SolBridge BBA curriculum is designed to prepare our graduates to excel as thought leaders in Asian business. Students specialize in a traditional business area such as Marketing, Finance, Management and Entrepreneurship Students gain in-depth knowledge of their focus area and the application of specialization skills to that focus area. To ensure our graduates have a competitive edge, they will also complete a language course in Korean or Chinese.

Co-op Program and Internships

BBA students who find a job that is officially approved by the school are permitted to work in their 3rd or 4th year. This work experience earns them up to 18 credits thus allowing them to enter the work force earlier. Other BBA students may qualify for an internship during a summer or winter term to earn credits through work experience.

Academic Schedule

Spring Semester 15 weeks Summer Term 6 weeks Summer Break 5 weeks Fall Semester 15 weeks Winter Term 6 weeks Winter Break 5 weeks


An MBA for Leaders of Today and Tomorrow

The SolBridge Masters of Business Administration degree prepares graduates for leading the organizations of the future. The MBA program is designed to give our students a solid foundation in business fundamentals in addition to the soft skills needed in today’s work place. This combination ensures our graduates will be ready to take on the challenges of managing a business in any part of the world.Students have to complete 48 credits of course work in order to graduate. The core curriculum of ten courses lays a strong business foundation while 9 elective credits help students learn various aspects of business: administration, management, operations, etc.There are three areas of specialization: Management, Finance, and Marketing. Students can also decide to get a general degree by getting an overview of all three specializations. Students may choose to finish in 18 months or 24 months. There is no difference in the tuition per semester these options. Students who opt for eighteen months will have to take courses offered during the regular semesters in addition to three winter and summer terms. Students can choose to study Korean during their stay at SolBridge. However, such study is optional and should not conflict with the program of study. In lieu of taking classes their last semester, MBA students may choose to work. Their work experience may earn them up to 9 free elective credits and will allow them to enter the work force prior to graduation. It may also be possible for MBA students to be accepted for an internship during the summer or winter terms to simultaneously earn credits and gain work experience.Core Business Courses 30Specialization 9Free Electives 9


Campus life

Student Services

обучение в южной корее

SolBridge Student Services is located on the 5th floor of the building to assist students with their payment of fees, scholarships, banking, medical insurance, visa inguiries, driver’s license and vehicle registrations, residence affairs, locker rentals, print cards, meals, and part-time job opportunities on campus. It is also responsible for organizing excursions and other programs that will encourage the development of a well-rounded Asian Thought Leader. SolBridge Student Services welcomes new students through the airport meet-up service, bus terminal pick-up service, peer group program, and the team-building orientation week. It organizes various volunteer opportunity programs and fun, multicultural programs that help students develop their SolBridge Spirit and a sense of belonging, soft skills, appreciation and understanding of cultural differences, leadership, and team work.


Team-Building Orientation

высшее образование в корее

The orientation program at SolBridge is very unique. It is called “Team-Building” and it lasts one full week. New students are divided in teams and are led by a peer group leader who will guide them with the entire settlement process, helping newcomers cope with the foreseeable and unpredictable challenges ahead the road.

Peer Group Program

SolBridge students have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills when they participate in the peer group program. The program selects students with above average leadership skills and the ability to embrace cultural diversity for the creation of the best team synergy. Peer group leaders take care of the newly admitted to SolBridge during the team-building orientation program as team leaders and mentors.

Health Care

университеты южной кореи

All international students are required to purchase Korean medical coverage when they enroll in SolBridge. Local clinics and hospitals are equipped with the latest technology and are modern, efficient, and provide excellent health care. Should a student need medical treatment while staying in Korea, the insurance allows the use of medical facilities at a reduced cost.

Part-Time Job Opportunities

SolBridge offers qualified students the opportunity to earn some pocket money and gain valuable work experience while completing their studies. On-campus part-time job opportunities include working as research assistants, residence assistants, office assistants, stationery assistants, library assistants, and others. Students apply for their desired positions and, upon revision of their application materials and successful interview, they are placed in various posts. Students also have the opportunity to work off-campus when they apply for internships through the Career Development Center (CDC). Selected candidates need to apply for a work-permit with the Immigration Office in order to validate their legal status in Korea.

Student Council

магистратура в корее

SolBridge has an active student organization in charge of many extra-curricular activities and programs. The student council administers all the clubs, including FC SolBridge, Volleyball, Sol-Cheerleaders, Sol- Travelers, Twenty Magazine, Sol-Photo, SolBridge International Christian Society, Sol-Delicious, Sol-Caring, Basketball, Rethink Your Reach, Movie Makers, Music Club, Dancing Club, Sol-AQUA, Feel-Good, SolBridge Debate Society (SDS), SolBridge Negotiations, etc.

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