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10 Quick Facts About Higher Education in China

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In anticipation of our report on what Chinese students are looking for in international universities, here are 10 quick facts you might not know about The Celestial Empire

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Studying in Poland in English in 2020-2021

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The issue of obtaining higher education at Polish universities is very popular for students today, you will not only have an excellent education, but also an EU diploma, which is recognized both in Poland and in any country.

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Cheap Higher Education in Latvia

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Higher education in Latvia is an excellent choice for students who want to get higher education at an affordable cost in the EU.

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About Higher Education in Germany

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Studying in Germany makes it possible for students to earn extra money on pocket expenses, thanks to which foreign students get the prospect of quickly getting a job after graduation.

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Study in Italy - Italian education system

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Tuition fees in the Italian state institute is approximately 500 € - 1 academic year, while in independent higher institutions the fee is much higher from 8500 to 25000 € for one academic year

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The story of one student about studying and living in Seoul, Korea

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I entered the State University of Foreign Languages at the Department of Korean and after the second year went to Seoul for a month's internship. When I finished her bachelor's degree, I immediately applied for a master's degree at Seoul state University.

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What are the top SKY universities and why does everyone want to get there?

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The SKY abbreviation is the first letters of the names of South Korea's most respected universities. It is believed that absolutely all graduates of these universities get a high-paying job, and at the same time a privileged status in society

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Studying at Australian Universities

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The main difference between Australian education and that in other Western countries is greater financial accessibility. Education at universities in Australia is much cheaper than, say, in England or the United States

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Opening a blocked bank account (Sperrkonto) in Germany - for international students

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If you would like to obtain a visa to Germany as an international student or apply for a residence permit, you have to prove that you have enough finance to provide yourself during your stay in Germany.

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