World Sports Camp


The World Sports Camp team of coaches are knowledgeable, experienced in their sports and are at World Sports Camp for the primary purpose of making your child have the best summer sports experience possible.

WSC allows for athletes to choose which sports and to what degree they will be involved. (Basketball, Soccer, Tennis and Golf) By empowering athletes to make their own choices, their involvement will be more enthusiastic and they will have a greater desire to participate at a higher level. Attention is given to treating all athletes equally, with value and understanding given to the beginner as well as the advanced athlete.

Participation, quality coaching and having a real good time under supervision makes World Sports Camp the place athletes from all over the world want to be.

World Sports Camp is located at the prestigious Williston Northampton School, in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts.

The 125 acre campus is just the right size, large enough to seem expansive and small enough so that you never feel lost. Views of nearby Mount Tom, a small footbridge crossing the pond, green lawns at sunset; all contribute to the pleasure of daily living and enjoyment of practicing sports at WSC.

The campus underwent a 13 million dollar renovation to improve their sports facilities.  Now the campus has state of the art facilities that will rival any college or sports program in the country.


  • 2 All-weather Turf Fields
  • 7 soccer fields
  • Indoor soccer facility
  • 12 tennis courts
  • 2 full size, wood basketball courts with 10 hoops
  • 3 area golf courses and 2 area driving ranges
  • 2 Indoor golf nets
  • 1 indoor six-lane Swimming Pool with Diving Well
  • 1 all-weather track
  • 1 fitness center with strength training equipment
  • Beautiful dormitory living
  • Award winning dining room
  • Wi-Fi throughout the campus



At World Sports Camp, each athlete has the opportunity to choose their desired sport for each period of every day.  By empowering athletes with the ability to choose, their participation, eagerness to learn and get better is increased.

Please note that their schedule allows athletes to focus on one sport or multiple sports during their time at camp.  Each athlete can choose: Basketball, Soccer, Tennis or Golf.

8:00 – 9:00am


9:00 – 11:30am [Training]

Choose your sport or ESL Classes

11:30 – 12:40pm [Competition]

Choose your sport, Swimming Pool or Reading Tutoring

12:40 – 1:00pm

Squad Time

1:00 – 2:00pm


2:00 – 2:45pm

Squad Time

2:45 – 4:30pm [Training]

Choose your sport

4:30 – 5:40pm [Competition]

Choose your sport, Swimming Pool or Math Tutoring

5:40 – 6:00pm

Squad Time

6:00 – 7:00pm


7:00 – 8:40pm

League (Basketball, Soccer or Tennis) or Evening Activity

8:40 – 10:00pm

Shower up and get ready for bed






Poached eggs

Corn chowder

Breaded veal cutlet

Baked apple pancake

Orzo with vegetables

Chicken cutlet


Seafood scampi

Tomato or mushroom sauce

Cream of wheat

Tomato sauce

Fillet of sole with broccoli & cheese

Assorted eggs and omelets at the grill


Vegetable puff pastry


Chicken wings



Mixed vegetables

Twice-baked potatoes


Salad bar

Prince Edward Isle style vegetables


BBQ pulled pork grinder with peppers and onions

Create your own stir fry



At World Sports Camp all of their housing is in dormitories located on the campus.  95% of the rooms have 2 athletes per room, 3% have 3 athletes per room, 1% have 4 athletes per room and 1% are single occupancy rooms.

The dorms are incredibly comfortable. Wall-to-wall carpet, rooms with lots of space for all clothing and equipment.  Each building has a lounge with a television and refrigerator accessible to the athletes.  Not to mention that all of the common areas in the dormitories are professionally cleaned seven days a week!!

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