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Inha University (인하대학교(仁荷大學校)) is a private research university located in Incheon, South Korea. Known traditionally for research and education in the engineering and physical sciences, the University was established by the first president of South Korea

Inha University is the most well-known and #1 university in Incheon area. Inha was ranked top 10 nationwide through decades according to Joongang Ilbo's annual rankings of South Korean universities; ranked 8th in 2017[citation needed]. Also, Inha is a member of GU8


Today, Inha University fosters professionals with academic skills and a character befitting the school motto of Truth. Inha has already produced as many as 120,000 graduates in science, technology and industry. Inha currently educates 20,000 students, while continuing efforts to become one of the top universities in the world. In 2014, Inha University has started to grow at an international level with the opening[7][8] of the Inha University in Tashkent in the city of Tashkent, Uzbekistan. In addition, Inha believes in a balanced education that includes the liberal arts. Inha believes that the true purpose of a university, the development of human spirits, lies not in the quantitative and external expansion, but in the realization of human values and the nurturing of creativity.

Academic structure

Inha has 12 colleges in Engineering, Natural Sciences, Economics and Trade, Business Administration, Education, Law, Social Science, Humanities, Human Ecology, and Medicine, and 1 affiliation, 20 departments, 9 major fields of study. Inha University's Graduate school offers 47 fields of study for the Master's program and 41 for the Doctoral program. The Graduate School of Education has 31 majors for its Master's program and research course. The Graduate School of Business Administration offers 1 Master's program and 2 certificate courses and a part-time MBA program. The Graduate School of Engineering offers 14 majors in its Master's program and research courses. The Graduate School of Public Administration has 3 majors in its Master's program and research courses. Founded in 2000, the Graduate School of Information Technology and Telecommunications offers 1 major in its Master's program and the expanded and reorganized Graduate School of International Trade and Logistics now has 2 departments with 5 majors.

Undergraduate colleges

Inha university consists of 11 undergraduate colleges:

  • Frontier College

  • College of Engineering

  • College of Natural Sciences

  • College of Business Administration

  • College of Education

  • College of Social Sciences

  • College of Humanities

  • College of Medicine

  • College of Future Convergence

  • Arts and Sports

  • Global Studies

Graduate schools

Inha has 9 graduate schools: Graduate School, Graduate School of Information Technology and Telecommunications, Graduate School of Logistics, Law School, School of Medicine, Graduate School of Engineering, Graduate School of Education, Graduate School of Business Administration, Graduate School of Public Administration.


Attached agencies

Inha university has 8 attached agencies which are listed below:

  • Jung-Seok Memorial Library

  • Language Training Center

  • Center for Continuing Education

  • Inha Museum

  • Teachers Training Center

  • Infirmary

  • Jungseok Research Institute of International Logistics and Trade

  • Christian Missionaries working to convert non-religious and other religious people to Christians

In 2017, Times Higher Education ranked the university within the 601-800 band globally.

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