Dong-A University


Dong-A University is a beacon of knowledge; cultivating creative and active people based on the principles of H.A.V.E. (Humanity, Ability, Vitality and Excellence.)

Busan, the second largest city in South Korea was chosen as the host of Dong-a College in 1947. It started with only two schools and five departments. The schools were the School of Law and School of Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences. These schools and departments have grown to the present day 9 graduate schools with 11 colleges. There are 13 departments featuring 55 majors and a total of 28 divisions. The university stands out for being among the only two private universities with the faculties of medicine and law in the expansive Busan region.

Founding Principles

At the foundation, the pioneers wanted an institution that would provide true education to a Korea that was dilapidated and collapsing. The pioneers, therefore, chose an education centered university as their guiding principle. This would ensure that the institution raised individuals who were academically outstanding.

The pioneers also envisioned a highly skilled faculty that served with pride and self-esteem. This would give the institution the status and identity it seeks globally. It was the only way the university would be recognized globally. The university also sorts to stand by the pillar of international recognition by expanding boundaries beyond Korea. This explains its collaborative efforts with universities and faculties in the Middle East, other regions of Asia and the world at large.

Present Learning Environment

DAU or Dong-a University has already graduated more than 180,000 graduates over 70 years. Today, more than 20, 000 are enrolled because of the vision the university holds. The university has provided an environment where students can interact with scientific knowledge as well as technology without restrictions. The foundations of education remain Freedom, Truth, and Justice. This institution still envisions an environment where the university community will contribute to the betterment of the community, nation and entire humanity.

Dong-a University Campuses

DAU has three campuses that are organized according to the academic disciplines they offer. Seunghak Campus is the center of university administration. It hosts the faculties of humanities and natural sciences, human ecology, engineering, and natural sciences, among others. Gudeok Campus was the starting point and today hosts the School of Medicine and College of Arts. It also hosts the iconic Dong-A university hospital that also serves as a center for research. The youngest campus is Bumin that was completed in 2012. It hosts the Dong-A University Museum, College of International Studies, College of Business Administration, College of Social Studies and Law School.

Global Network

The pioneers of the university sort to establish a center for international collaboration. This has been spearheaded by a growing number of alumni working in different capacities around the world. The university also has research working relationships with 165 universities and research institutions globally. This translates into links with 25 countries around the world. Students from the university have also been dispatched to universities in such countries as USA, Singapore, UK, China, France, and Germany.

Dong-A University is a melting point for the acquisition of knowledge and cultural exchange. It offers exchange programs for students, Dual-Degree System, and Overseas Language Study Programs, among others. This is the center for international studies that will transform your idea of knowledge and university education.

Academic organization

Seunghak Campus

  • College of Natural Sciences
  • College of Human Ecology
  • College of Natural Resources and Life Science
  • College of Engineering
  • College of Sports Sciences

Gudeok Campus

  • College of Arts
  • College of Medicine

Bumin Campus

  • College of Business Administration
  • College of Social Sciences
  • College of SeokDang Honors
  • College of Global Business

Graduate School

  • Graduate School
  • Graduate School of Northeast Asian Studies
  • Graduate School of Business Administration
  • Graduate School of Education
  • Graduate School of Industrial Information
  • Graduate School of Mass Communication
  • Graduate School of Social Welfare
  • Graduate School of Law and Police
  • Graduate School of Arts

Dong-a University Ranking

This excellent university is ranked 47th in Korea by Unirank and 37th in Korea by USNews. There are many individual departments that are ranked very high and some that are ranked very low. Many students in Korea want to attend Dong-a University because its alumni have great success in society.

Dong-a University Scholarships

This university grants many scholarships to help international students who are in a difficult situation. Undergraduate students are eligible for 100% full tuition scholarships which are awarded by the TOPIK scores. Continuing students can receive full tuition scholarships if they are ranked in the top 10% of students. Graduate students are eligible for up to 70% tuition based on Language Proficiency Scores. The scholarships are renewed annually for students with a certain GPA. For specific information, visit the tuition fee page above.

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