Osh Technological University


Mission of Osh Technological University:

  • Providing quality and affordable education using the latest educational technologies and innovations.
  • All-round support for the recovery and development of the economy and production, technology and technology in the republic by training highly qualified specialists of a new formation, trained on the principles of a competence approach and capable of practical implementation of the knowledge gained in science, production, and business.
  • Achievement of international recognition.


Bachelor's / Master's:

690300 Infocommunication technologies and communication systems (ICTiSS);

     - communication networks and switching systems;

     -networks and systems of mobile communication;

     - digital television and sound broadcasting;

710100 Informatics and computer technology;

     -Software for computer technology and automated systems.

590100 Information security;

     -Security of information technology in law enforcement.

      -Information security of financial and economic structures.

710200 Information systems and technologies;

    - Information systems and technologies in the economy.

700200 Management in technical systems;

     -Management in technical systems.

531200 Computational linguistics;

     -Cultural communication and automated translation systems.

531100 Translation studies;

     -Translation and translation studies.

580100 Economy

     - Accounting, analysis and audit


     -State financial control

     -Finance and credit

     -Taxes and taxation

     -Banks and banking

580500 Business Informatics

     -Electronic business

     -Information security in the financial and banking sector

     -Electronic control in the economy

580600 Logistics

     -Entrepreneurial logistics

     -Financial and banking logistics

580700 Business management

     -International Business

     -Project management

710300 Applied Informatics

     -Applied Informatics in Economics

     -Information system in banking

710500 Internet technologies and management

     -In accounting, analysis and audit

540200 Social work

     -Social work

531500 Regional Studies

     -Regional studies

     -Innovative technologies in the economy

     -Accounting, analysis and audit based on information technology

     -Finance in industries

     -Economics and organization of production

750500 "Construction"

     - "Industrial and civil construction"

     - "Design of buildings"

     - "Highways and airfields"

750200 "Design of the architectural environment"

750100 "Architecture"

750500 "Construction"

620101 "Applied Geodesy"

750002 "Construction of railways, bridges and transport tunnels"

Direction "Technology of transport processes"

      -Organization and traffic safety,

      -Organization of transportation and management of transport,


670200 "Operation of transport and technological machines and complexes"

     - "Car service"

     - "Automobile and Automotive Industry"

570400 "DESIGN"

640200 "Power and Electrical Engineering",

     - "Power supply"

     - "Electrical networks and systems"

     - "Power stations"

     - "Relay protection and automation of electric power systems"

     - "Energy saving in SES"

     - "Alternative energy sources"

     -"Production management"

640100 - "Heat power engineering and heat engineering".

     - "Thermal Power Plants".

610300 - "Agroengineering",

     -Electrical equipment and electrotechnology ".

     - Direction of instrumentation,

     - Information-measuring equipment and technology "

     - "Devices, methods of control and diagnostics in medicine"

     - "Standardization, certification and metrology"

     -Standardization and certification of products and manufactures "

610600 Technology of production and processing of agricultural products

760300 Technosphere safety

720100 Chemical technology (bachelor's degree);

520800 Ecology and nature management (bachelor's degree);

730100 Forestry and landscape construction (bachelor's degree);

570700 Art of Costume and Textile (Bachelor's Degree);

740700 Technology of garments (bachelor);

570020 Fashion design (specialty);

630100 Geological survey, prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits (specialty);

520800 Ecology and Nature Management (Master's degree);

610600 Technology of production and processing of agricultural products (master);

570021 "Interiors and Equipment"

      - Environment Designer

550800 "Vocational training"

      - Information technology


Tuition Fee: $500/year

Required documents:

  1. Passport
  2. Copy of parents' passports
  3. Translation of the diploma into Russian
  4. Scan of the Original Diploma
  5. Photo 3x4, 6 pcs.
  6. Reference Letter
  7. Reference #086
  8. AIDS - Certificate

KG Requirements:

  • 11/12 year graduation diploma
  • GPA from 100% to 70%
  • Knowledge of Russian or Kyrgyz language

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