Nankai University


Your degree from prestigious Nankai University will be highly regarded by future employers. The University is ranked 11th in China (Netbig Rankings) and in the top 150 worldwide (Times Higher Education).

Let us help you to become part of the distinguished Nankai alumni which includes two Nobel Prize winners and the first premier of China, Zhou Enlai.

The University has a strong reputation for research and is a member of the 211 and 985 groups, attracting investment and improvements to establish a select group of China’s world-competing elite universities.

Not yet sure about your future career? A degree from Nankai University shows your dedication to achieve ambitious study goals.

A prestigious past, an exciting future 

Nankai University is one of China’s most prestigious institutions. Choosing to study here will earn you a globally recognised qualification. And, you’ll have the unique skillset of understanding the language and culture of the world’s largest economy. Sound impressive? You don’t even need to know any Chinese before you start. All your degree classes will be taught in English, and you’ll study Chinese language from the very beginning.

Living in China, you’ll be immersed in the language and culture. You’ll find opportunities to practice every day to accelerate your conversational skills.

Investing $600m in your future

Nankai University opened the US$600 million Jin Nan campus in 2015, south of Tianjin and 30km from the original campus. Several schools have moved to the new campus, including dedicated buildings for the School of Medicine and the Zhou Enlai School of Government. You’ll be studying at one of the most modern university campuses in the country.

The new campus can accommodate up to 21,000 students, so you’ll have lots of new friends to make. We’ll help you get to know people and we organise plenty of activities so that making friends is fun. We will help you make friends with other international students and local Chinese students too.

Living your life to the fullest

Love playing sports back home? The new sports centre offers basketball, badminton, swimming and tennis.

You’ll find a number of shopping outlets and restaurants on the new Jin Nan campus. Subway, Gloria Jean’s Coffee, 7/11, a mini supermarket and more are all here. Everything you need is right on your doorstep, but we’ll show you around the local area too.

Nankai University is a member of the 985 and 211 groups of universities. These specially selected groups forms China’s elite academic institutions, attracting investment and resources to compete with the best research universities in the world. You’re in good company here.

You’ve got the best of China in Tianjin. 285 Fortune 500 companies have a presence in the city, including Samsung and Toyota. It’s also home to one of China’s leading mini-invasive surgery training centres. Tianjin has seen 14% annual economic growth – the fastest for any region in China. Looking to do business? You’re in the right place. You’re also just 30 minutes on the bullet train from Beijing.

Globally ranked

Nankai University is an equivalent 'Ivy-league' institution in China. The University ranks highly for its School of Business and its prestigious reputation is known on an international scale.

Study Programs

  • Master’s in Urban and Regional Planning
  • Master’s in Translation Studies
  • Master’s in International Relations
  • Master’s in Environmental Management
  • Bachelor’s in Clinical Medicine
  • Teachers – Nankai University
  • Chinese Language Summer Programme
  • Chinese Language Junior Summer Programme (For Students Aged 16 and 17)
  • MBA Master of Business Administration
  • Semester in International Economics and Business
  • Semester Program in Business
  • MA International Affairs and Public Policy

Accommodation at Nankai University

During your studies you will live in the overseas student dormitories. Living on campus gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in campus life, allows you to meet other international students and make friends from all over the world. The INTO Student Services team will always be nearby to help you with any problems that you may encounter.

About the accommodation

INTO provides you with the best halls of residence experience on campus in Yiyuan No.2 and No.4 buildings. The accommodation is a popular choice with international students as it is conveniently located in the south of Nankai’s campus and within 10-15 minutes’ walk of most shops, canteens, and teaching buildings.

Nankai University’s dorms are comfortable and safe, similar to what you might expect to find at a US or UK university. Smoking is not permitted in the accommodation.

The International Student Building is located on campus and accommodation is offered as twin bedrooms with an en-suite shower room, TV, and internet access. You will share laundry facilities with students on your floor within the accommodation.

The accommodation is fully furnished and offers modern facilities, a healthy study environment and easily accessible campus facilities. There are also relaxation areas throughout the campus for your enjoyment.

Accommodation facilities


The dorms allow wired internet access via an Ethernet cable (provided). This can be set up at the Mingzhuyuan Hotel reception, charged at RMB 0.1 per MB. To access the on-campus Wi-Fi, please see the INTO China Student Services team during your registration week.


There is a landline telephone in your room, which requires a pre-paid telephone card (available on campus). These cards cannot be used to call internationally and even local calls will be relatively expensive. We recommend using an internet phone service (such as Skype or Wechat) for making international calls.


There are communal laundry rooms on each floor. Machines are automatic, but you will need to add your own laundry detergent. Payment is made using a laundry card, which can be purchased from the INTO China Student Services office, costing RMB 3 per wash (RMB 20 refundable deposit per card).


Post from home can be delivered and will be stored at reception in both dorms.


Yiyuan No.2 Building houses a buffet service restaurant, which is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Expect to pay around RMB 4 for breakfast and up to RMB 20 for lunch/dinner. There are plenty of dining options within 10 minutes’ walk of the accommodation, including campus canteens and other restaurants (including Mingzhuyuan Hotel).

Cooking is prohibited in university accommodation.

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