Hainan Pedagogical Univesity 海南师范大学


About Hainan University

Merged with the South China University of Tropical Agriculture and the former Hainan University in August 2007, the present Hainan University (HU) is a key comprehensive university at provincial-level as well as a university jointly sponsored by Hainan people’s government and the Ministry of Education. It is one of the “211 Project” key universities.

Hainan University highlights four aspects: tropic, ocean, special administrative region, and tourism. It offers 9 categories of disciplines in philosophy, economics, law, literature, natural sciences,agriculture,engineering,and management. There the school owes a unique statue in studying of rubber and tropical agriculture. The university has 4 major academic schools including 21 colleges and hosts 2 national level key disciplines, 16 provincial and ministerial level key disciplines. There are 74 undergraduate programs, 21postgraduate programs(First-level Disciplines)and 5 Ph.D. programs.

There are 2,442 faculty members, with 1,674 full-time teaching staff, 984 senior lecturers. The total number of enrolled students amounts to 40737.

About Haikou

Haikou, known as the ‘Coconut City’, is the capital of Hainan Province, China’s second largest island. The city features beautiful sunshine, crystal water, and soft sand. It is the provincial administrative center of Hainan as well being the focus of the local economy, culture, and transportation. It stands at the northern end of Hainan Island, on the west bank of the Nandu River estuary. This river is the longest on the island and the city’s name appropriately means ‘Mouth of the Sea’.

Haikou has evolved from a simple sightseeing city to an attractive seaside resort and business center. The services for visitors to the city are being extended with the aim of establishing the city as Southern China’s key center for tourism. Haikou was originally a port city. Today, more than half of the island’s total trade still goes through its ports.


The university runs three campuses, namely the Haidian campus, the Chengxi campus, and the Danzhou campus. Its main campus is the Haidian Campus, which is located on Haidian Island of Haikou, the capital city of Hainan Province. The total area of the three campuses covers approximately 336.66 hectares. There are 2,442 faculty members, with 1,674full-time teaching staff, 984 senior lecturers. The total number of enrolled students amounts to 40737.


There are four types of scholarships available for international students:

  • Bilateral Program for Bachelor Degree: One-off settlement subsidy: 1000;Living Allowance: 1400/month
  • Bilateral Program for Master Degree: One-off settlement subsidy: 1500; Living Allowance: 1700/month
  • Bilateral Program for Doctoral Degree: One-off settlement subsidy: 1500; Living Allowance: 2000/month
  • Bilateral Program for General Scholar: Living Allowance: 1700/month
  • Bilateral Program for Senior Scholar: Living Allowance: 2000/month
  • Chinese University Program for Master Degree: One-off settlement subsidy: 1500; Living Allowance: 1700/month
  • Chinese University Program for Doctoral Degree: One-off settlement subsidy: 1500; Living Allowance: 2000/month
  • Hainan Government Scholarship for Bachelor Degree
  • Hainan Government Scholarship for Master Degree
  • Hainan Government Scholarship for Doctoral Degree
  • Confucius Institute Scholarship for One-Academic-Year Students: One-off settlement subsidy: 1500; Living Allowance: 1400/month
  • Confucius Institute Scholarship for One-Semester Students: One-off settlement subsidy: 1000;Living Allowance: 1400/month
  • Outstanding Chinese Language Student Scholarship
  • Outstanding Individual Scholarhsip for Chinese Language Training Students
  • Outstanding Individual Scholarhsip for Bachelor Degree
  • Outstanding Individual Scholarhsip for Master Degree
  • Outstanding Individual Scholarhsip for Doctoral Degree

Accommodation at Hainan University

HU offers quiet and cozy dorms inside the No. 15 dormitory building (CICE building) for each international student, allowing all dormitory members to learn to be independent and interact closely with students of different backgrounds under the same roof. As for the supplementary set-ups, there are six coin-operated washing machines in the laundry room on the first floor.

Living in University


On campus, there are ATMs of Construction Bank of China, Communication Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. The nearest sub-branch of Bank of China is about 500 meters opposite to the North Gate. It deals with foreign exchange business. In addition, the sub-branch of Agriculture Bank at the right side of the North Gate is about 200 meters away, where you can pay your tuition fee.


You can shop either on campus or in the supermarkets nearby. You can even shop in downtown shopping centers such as Mingzhu Square, Wanghai International Shopping Mall, TR-Mart, and Carrefour, etc.


You can either go to the University Hospital on the right side of the South Gate or Haikou Municipal People’s Hospital opposite to the East Gate. Please dial 120 in case of emergency.


On campus, there are fast food restaurants and cafes at convenient locations that offer a wide range of local delicacies, exotic cuisines, western food, coffee, pastries and healthy vegetarian food, where you can enjoy foods at a reasonable price. You can get a campus card for meals with your passport at the Card Center on campus upon arrival. After you get your student ID card, you can go and update your campus card for more functions (such as buying meals and borrowing books from the University Library). The card costs 20 yuan and you can recharge it when the money is used up. Please remember your card number in case you lose it. There is a Muslim restaurant on the second floor of the No. 2 Student Canteen.

Sports Facilities

HU provides two standard 400-meter track fields. If you are interested in ball games, grounds for football, volleyball, and basketball are open at a fixed time. Some facilities such as the tennis court and the swimming poor are charged but you are entitled to enjoy a discount for use.

Students Associations

Hainan University has more than one hundred students’ associations which were in charge of the Students’ Associations Union of Hainan University. At the beginning of September every year, each community will promote and recruit new members, students can choose according to their own interests.

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