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Nagoya is the fourth largest city in Japan, and is the capital city of Aichi Prefecture. It lies in the southwest part of the Chubu (Central Japan) region and is conveniently placed for access by public transport through being on the main Shinkansen (Bullet Train) railway line that runs east-west along the Pacific Ocean. Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Hiroshima are all within easy reach.

Nagoya city is an ancient foundation which has played a significant role through history, not only as a transport hub but also as the main city of the rich and fertile Nōbi Plain. The magnificent Nagoya Castle was constructed early in the 17th century and the town with its many industries has since developed around it. Over the last century, the port of Nagoya has grown to become the largest in Japan for international commercial shipping and is today connected with over 150 countries worldwide. Because of its excellent transport connections, Nagoya has become increasingly prosperous and is now the home of many significant industrial businesses, such as the Toyota Motor Corporation.

Today, Nagoya has a population of 2.2 million and continues to develop as a vibrant center of commerce, culture and learning. Its port, its business center, its museums and its university make it one of the most lively and stimulating cities in Japan.

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University Library

The University Libraries, consisting of the Central Library, Medical Library, and libraries in each school/graduate school, provide services as centers for academic information with the objective of supporting education and research activities.In recent years, to keep up with globalization and the evolution of information, the University Libraries have started providing a variety of academic information in digital formats, including e-books, databases and electronic journals.

・For those who wish to apply for Tuition Fee Exemption(updated on December 1st)
Notification of the results of tuition fee exemption for the fall semester of 2022 will be made on Tuesday, December 13, afternoon.
Notification of results will be made via NU Portal.
Please refer to the following file for confirmation:

Confirmation procedures of the result of Fee Exemption   

 ・For those who wish to apply for Admission Fee Exemption and Postponement of Collection (updated on November 25th)
The result of application the 2022 Admission fee Exemption and Postponement of Collection will be made from Friday, December 2.
Please pick up the result notification at the counter. (Weekdays 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)
・For all undergraduate enrolled students: Student Support Division (Campus Map:D3⑥)
・For all graduate enrolled students: Office of each department or course

Please be sure to confirm the payment deadline, as failure to complete payment by the deadline indicated in the result notification will result in expulsion from the program.
*The result of the Tuition fee exemption application will be announced on NU Portal in mid-December.
 We will announce the schedule on this website as soon as it is decided.

・Application for tuition fee exemption for the fall semester of 2022 (updated on August 30th)
Applications for tuition fee exemption for the fall semester are now being accepted.
Those who wish to apply should confirm the contents of "3. Tuition Fee Exemption System" and follow the procedures.
*If you have applied "Both Spring and Fall semester Application" in the spring semester and have not changed your application information, you do not need to apply in the fall semester.
If there are any changes in the application information, you need to apply "Fall semester change Application" within the application period.
If you are applying for a "Fall semester change application", please submit only the documents related to the change.

・Admission fee exemption and deferred payment for the fall semester of 2022 (updated on August 30th)
Students enrolling for the fall semester of 2022 who wish to apply for admission fee exemption or deferred payment should follow the admission procedure guide of the respective graduate school.

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