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Since 1977, ISI Japanese Language School was established in Ueda City, Nagano, as a “private school” with the philosophy of contributing to the realization of people’s dreams and the development of international society by creating an educational environment for global human resources.

Our mission is to develop global human resources to be active on an international scale.

The Symbol of ISI


In the development of educational activities in the “world”, the “i” stands for “people” and the upward “S” stands for “growth” and “improvement” through “learning”. The other “i” is an encounter with a new “i” (person) that leads to an exchange and the growth of a new you.
ISI’s vision of “creating an educational environment” symbolises our philosophy of helping people in Japan and around the world to realise their “dreams”.


  • Practical Japanese language and good communication skills
  • Intercultural understanding skills that will enable the ability to respect as well as accept other cultures and values
  • Global talent that can be active in a globalized society


Based on the philosophy and educational goals above of the ISI Group, we aim to foster the following human resources.

(Takadanobaba Campus / Ikebukuro Campus / Kyoto Campus / Nagano Campus)

  • A person who has advanced knowledge of Japanese and the ability to use it to achieve his/her own goals
  • A person who can make an appropriate plan and steadily carry it out to achieve his/her own career goals
  • A person who can communicate appropriately with other people based on their culture, customs and feelings


(Harajuku Campus)

  • A person who has necessary knowledge of Japanese and the ability to bring out their own expertise and experience
  • A person who understands and can manage the job-hunting in Japan and corporate culture to get a job offer at a target company.
  • A person who can proactively carry out their role to work together based on the situation and other people feels.


Diploma Policy

Those who have acquired the following abilities during their enrolment are eligible for a graduation or completion certificate:

  • Strong Japanese communication skills
  • Global competitiveness with diversity and flexibility
  • The ability to actively participate in a global society.


Curriculum Policy

Course Content

  • Systematic way for learning language skills (listening, reading, speaking and writing) and language knowledge (vocabulary and grammar)
  • Promoting diversity in class with the latest teaching methods
  • Test preparation course based on JLPT, EJU, etc.
  • Achievement test aiming to check the outcome of language acquisition
  • Development of global competitiveness (Japanese and other cultures understanding) and human power (problem-solving, creative thinking, etc.) through Japanese language learning
  • Providing support through academic guidance and career counseling so that students can make comprehensive progress

Teaching Methods

  • Communicative language teaching
  • Implementation of active learning and Information Communication Technology (ICT) education practices
  • Extracurricular activities outside of the classroom
  • Lessons taught by highly qualified teachers with diverse experience
  • International environment which enables a multicultural learning and understanding
  • Annual plan of Academic and Career Counselling and multiple events of job fairs, seminars and etc.


Admission and Enrolment Policy

ISI group is willing to accept students who can understand our philosophy, educational goals, and rules…and want to study in order to realize their dream of participating in an international society. Therefore, we are looking for students who possess the following characteristics:

  • Students who are interested not only in Japanese language, but also in Japanese culture and society
  • Students who desire to be a competitive member of an international society
  • Students who want to study Japanese with the motivation to achieve their goals
  • Students who can respect values and cultures as a member of society, and the school community

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