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LUT University (English: Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology LUT) (Finnish Lappeenrannan-Lahden Teknillinen Yliopisto LUT) is a public research university which was established in 1969. The university's Lappeenranta campus is situated on the shore of lake Saimaa– the 4th largest lake in Europe. LUT University's second campus is in Finnish city of Lahti. LUT University also has research units in the Finnish cities of Mikkeli and Kouvola

LUT University is a Finnish University of Technology, in that is specializes its academics and research on the fields of engineering and technology. The university also has a school of business. LUT University specializes on renewable technology, clean water and energy, combatting climate change and finding sustainable engineering solutions.

There are 1,089 staff members and 6,331 students in the university. LUT awards the following degrees: Bachelor of Science (Economics), Bachelor of Science (Technology), Master of Science (Economics), Master of Science (Technology), Licentiate of Science (Economics), Licentiate of Science (Technology), Doctor of Science (Technology), Doctor of Science (Economics), and Doctor of Philosophy.

Bachelor's Programmes in Technology

  • Electrical Engineering* (Lappeenranta Campus)
  • Mechanical Engineering* (Lappeenranta Campus)
  • Technology and Engineering Science (Lappeenranta Campus)
  • Energy Technology* (Lahti Campus)
  • Industrial Engineering and Management (Lahti Campus)
  • Software Systems and Engineering* (Lahti Campus)

Master's Programmes in Technology

  • Biorefineries (Lappeenranta Campus)
  • Chemical Engineering (Lappeenranta Campus)
  • Water Technology (Mikkeli Research Unit)
  • Sustainable Biomass and Bioproduct Engineering (Lappeenranta Campus)
  • Business analytics, Engineering Science (Lappeenranta Campus)
  • Data-Centric Engineering (Lappeenranta Campus)
  • Technical Physics (Lappeenranta Campus)
  • Electric Transportation Systems (Lahti Campus)
  • Electrical Engineering (Lappeenranta Campus)
  • Sustainable Energy Systems (Lappeenranta Campus)
  • Energy Conversion (Lappeenranta Campus)
  • Nuclear Engineering (Lappeenranta Campus)
  • Sustainability Science and Solutions (Lappeenranta Campus)

Student housing

All international LUT Summer School students will be provided a furnished single room in shared apartments.


All international LUT Summer School students will be provided a furnished single room in shared apartments (2-3 rooms per apartment, shared bathroom/shower and kitchen) in the  Lappeenranta Student Housing Foundation LAOS. The residences are within easy walking distance of the university. NOTE: We do not provide LUT and LAB students with apartments.

A furnished apartment includes:

  • In the kitchen – a table, benches, refrigerator, oven.
  • Bathroom.
  • In the study room - a desk, office chair, bookcase, desk lamp, bed with a mattress (80x200 cm).


At the Lappeenranta and Lahti campuses, you can organize large and small events. Our well-equipped facilities are suitable for lectures, ceremonies, or even a casual get-together with a sauna. Restaurant services are conveniently located on our campuses.


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