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About Exupery International School

Exupery International School (EIS) offers preschool through secondary education for international families within Latvia, the Baltic Region, and the wider world.

Guided by the ideals of the United Nations, and as an IB World School, Exupery International School provides a caring and challenging learning environment, which fosters an international outlook and multilingualism. We inspire our students to become creative, resilient, and responsible citizens, who will thrive and be happy within our ever-changing technological world.

There are three key strategic directives embedded within our Guiding Statements, which will be central to our success in going forward as a school, and which will therefore guide decision-making and action within the school. These three directives are also intended to help us measure our success in achieving the vision described in this guiding statement. Within this context we believe that:


  1. Members of our international community are committed to being responsible citizens, and accept the values and principles of the United Nations and the International Baccalaureate;
  2. EIS provides a caring and challenging learning environment and offers nationally and internationally recognized curricula to support the diverse educational needs of our students;
  3. The EIS community prepares students for an ever-changing technological world by developing their capacity for creativity and collaborative problem solving


 Our school is a friendly community of knowledgeable, educated, well-mannered, creative, active, and constructive people.

The school operates according to the standards of the International Baccalaureate system and in accordance with UN standards, offering children a unique educational environment that takes into account the latest trends and best educational practices.

We know how to live in a constantly changing world and teach this to our students.


The strategic goal of the Board is to create a “school of the future” that meets international standards, preparing people who are knowledgeable, literate, educated, educated, and active. In short, it is the creation of a school in which the best in every child is realized.


The EIS Preschool offers an integrated approach for teaching and learning for children from 2.5 to 6 years of age. The program is designed in accordance with the IB PYP philosophy and establishes a strong foundation for learning in early years, as well as creates a holistic learning experience that integrates social, emotional, physical and cognitive development in a safe, caring, play-based, and academically enriching environment.

We emphasize interaction and language development through uniquely arranged spaces and materials.


Students develop and pursue their passions in order to be successful and contribute to a positive global future. At EIS, we challenge and inspire our learners to explore, discover, and thrive. EIS has been authorized to use the IB Primary Years Programme, since 2019. The school combines IB PYP and the Cambridge Primary curriculum to ensure a strong academic curriculum is supported by inquiry and concept-based approaches. Our goal is for students to come to school each day with an excitement and desire to learn. At EIS, students develop the knowledge, skills and understandings necessary to prepare them for a life-long journey of learning.

Exupery International School students are encouraged to think independently, ask questions, express their opinions, while at the same time showing respect for the opinions of others. EIS also emphasizes the importance of the creative, social and physical domains. It is our goal to develop each child’s social and emotional skills in order for them to navigate successfully within a community of learners.


In the upper grades, Exupery International School is following the international curriculum meeting the requirements of locally accredited programs and international standards. Our curriculum and pastoral care are structured around learning that stimulates and inspires learners to find their passions and wrap around support enabling them to become the best version of themselves. Students develop a range of cognitive strategies to enhance their comprehension and use of language, and our additional activity program is an intrinsic and interwoven part of life in the High School, where learners are entrusted with values of independence, scholarship, and leadership.

EIS provides highly engaging, rich, and varied educational experiences that allow students opportunities to develop their skills and abilities to their maximum potential. These challenges help to prepare them for the many demands of the 21st century. Our dedicated teachers challenge and inspire students to stretch their thinking. Carefully crafted learning experiences help students make connections across subject areas that help to develop deeper metacognition. Small class sizes provide a more learner-centred approach, thus ensuring that the individual strengths of our learners are recognized and supported.


At Exupery International School, we take a learner-centred approach. This means we work with students as individuals to help them find a pathway best suited to their needs. In Grade 10 subjects are offered as a way to introduce learners to the IB Diploma Programme syllabus. This preparation allows students and their families to make informed subject choices, in consultation with faculty members that will support their transition to the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP).

At the end of Grade 10 students take extended IGCSE exams in Coordinated Science, Maths, English Language and Literature. IGCSE is one of the most sought-after and recognised qualifications in the world. It is recognised by colleges and universities worldwide. An extended curriculum offers more challenging content for students aiming for grades from A* to E and preparing to start IB program next year.

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