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HOTEL SCHOOL Hotel Management College is an accredited BTEC education center, which allows us to implement educational programs developed in the UK and award BTEC diplomas to graduates. BTEC is a truly sought-after education, chosen by more than 1 million students worldwide every year!

The college has its own library, with the latest foreign specialized literature available, a computer class with the most popular hotel management computer programs, a professional kitchen with the most  modern professional kitchen appliances and a fine dining restaurant.

The college building is located in the historic center of Riga – Old Town, adjacent to the city’s best hotels, many of which are offering practical training for our students.

HOTEL SCHOOL has a certain specialization - professional education in the field of hospitality;

  • The legal basis for the operation of HOTEL SCHOOL is the Law on Higher Education Institutions, the Law on Education, the Law on Vocational Education, the Law on Scientific Activities, other regulatory acts of the Republic of Latvia and the Regulations on the College;
  • HOTEL SCHOOL has a certain specialization - professional education in the field of hospitality;
  • the educational process in the college is organized in accordance with the principles of a student-centered approach, academic integrity and internal quality management;
  • The teaching staff of HOTEL SCHOOL includes practitioners from the hospitality industry with significant experience in senior positions in hotels;
  • As part of the training, HOTEL SCHOOL provides each student with an internship in high-level Latvian and foreign hotels, which allows them to gain international experience in well-known global hotel brands;
  • In its activities, HOTEL SCHOOL implements a non-discriminatory attitude towards all its students, employees and partners, and also strives to avoid situations of conflict of interest; 

    HOTEL SCHOOL is committed to promoting the basic principles of sustainable tourism in the hospitality industry.


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