Australia's Northern Territory


Make it to the Top

Our economy is growing fast and Territorian employers are offering top working conditions to attract skilled workers to move up and join in.

Our wages are strong, our business hours are flexible and we balance work with play as a way of life.  

Diverse roles and plentiful job opportunities mean that you can choose a role in the Territory that fits you perfectly.

Most workers experience an accelerated career pathway in the Territory meaning you can grow, learn and get to the top much quicker.

Apply for a job

The Territory is looking for people who want space to move, room to grow, find work, life, balance and a place for advancing a career and having a family at the same time.

There are jobs in a range of fields with positions in the following sectors in the highest demand: automotive, hospitality, education, aged care and disability services, health, construction and manufacturing as well as veterinarian.

Working holiday jobs

If you’re interested in visiting the Territory for short-term seasonal jobs, or you’re a working holiday maker looking for a way to earn while adventuring, for a great work life balance, there are a range of jobs available in multiple sectors of the Territory.

Our hospitality and tourism sector especially is always offering casual job opportunities, which allow you to experience the region, meet new friends and work at the same time.

Why move to the Territory

Feel what it’s like to be a part of a collective of doers and creators. Change your lifestyle, grow your career and make a real impact. The opportunities are boundless in The Territory.

Here in The Territory, we enjoy an enviable laidback lifestyle with amazing weather, excellent career opportunities, short commutes, spectacular displays of outback starry skies, and colourful tropical sunsets with friendly and inclusive people.

The Territory gives you the time and the space to connect in ways you can’t anywhere else. With the land. With the community. And with yourself.

We have an amazing community spirit, welcoming newcomers with boundless enthusiasm. Many people in the Territory have moved here from somewhere else, so it’s an easy place to meet people and make new friends.

Weather and seasons

Central Australia

Central Australia, also known as the Alice Springs region, has a desert climate making it the perfect region for camping holidays.

  • The average maximum temperature between October and March is around 35°C during the day. The average minimum is around 20°C. 
  • During winter months the average maximum is around 25°C, dropping toward 0°C overnight.

The tropical north

The northern part of the Territory, including Darwin, has a tropical monsoonal climate. There is a dry season and a wet season.

The dry season runs from May to October, when the southern parts of Australia face winter. In the dry, the days are sunny and the evenings are cool. The humidity is low with an average daily temperature around 32°C.

Between November and April is the wet season and the time when spectacular thunderstorms fill the sky. The humidity rises as high as 98%. The temperature can hit 39°C inland.

The wet season is sometimes called the green season. You will experience beautiful balmy evenings, spectacular lightning displays with cooling tropical rainstorms.

The wet season is the north’s cyclone season. Three major cyclones have hit Darwin over the past 100 years.

In the lead up to the cyclone season the Northern Territory Government reminds northern residents of cyclone preparedness. If this happens you need to pay careful attention.

Housing and transport in the Northern Territory


Housing styles vary greatly in the Territory from large houses and apartments to more compact living.

There are different options when it comes to housing. You can choose to purchase, rent or share a property.

Public transport

Public buses operate seven days a week except Christmas Day and Good Friday.


In the Territory, a taxi can be booked online, by phone or directly at taxi ranks, or simply hailed on the street.

E-scooters and e-bikes

Neuron e-scooters and e-bikes operate in the Darwin CBD and certain operating zones. They are unlocked using a smartphone app and are fitted with GPS tracking so that users and the operator can find them.

You will need to be at least 18 years old to ride an e-scooter or e-bike in Darwin.


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