Opening a blocked bank account (Sperrkonto) in Germany - for international students

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If you would like to obtain a visa to Germany as an international student or apply for a residence permit, you have to prove that you have enough finance to provide yourself during your stay in Germany. You can do it by opening a blocked bank account.

From January 2020, the amount for blocked account is 10,236 Euro.

The steps to open a blocked bank account 

  • Register and open your blocked account 

Register yourself at or via Fintiba Application. Open the account via online-platform. After entering your personal information and confirming your identity, the blocked account will be counted as created. After that you will have to transfer the requested amount to your account.  

Upon receipt of the amount, you will be issued a confirmation. You can hand in this document together with the other requested documents for national visa at German Embassy in Uzbekistan. 

  • Opening the account in Germany

After arriving in Germany, you will have to open a bank account at one of the local banks (Comdirect, Deutsche Bank, Sparkasse, Postbank and others). Fintiba transfers your monthly amount to this bank. 

In order to fulfill these transfers, you should make the final legalization in Germany. To do this, you will go to one of the DeutschePost post offices by printing out the "PostIdent" voucher in the "Documentation" section of the Fintiba web application. There, the legalization process will be carried out for you. Without this step, you cannot make money transfers from your account. 

Which documents are required for opening a bank account?

Only ID - Passport. You won’t have to submit any other original documents per post. 

How long does it take to open a bank account?

Since the whole process is online, usually it takes just a few hours. 

What you will have to pay attention to while opening a bank account?

Considering, that a very large amount of money is being put, it is recommended to open the account under your name without the interference of the 3rd party. At Fintiba you can manage all your actions through the application via internet. If you have questions, please refer to Fintiba Help service or contact consultant.

How much does it cost to open a blocked bank account?

The initial deposit is € 89.00. Monthly management fee is € 4.90. This monthly payment amount is calculated from the moment you enter your account and is made monthly as long as your account is open. Therefore, it is recommended that you open a closed bank account closer to the time when you are applying for a visa. 

Detailed information can be found at

(Information is compiled using Fintiba official website)

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