5 facts about American universities

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Are you thinking about going to University in the US? In this case, knowledge of the main features of the American education system can play into your hands. This article contains 5 facts about American universities that you need to know when applying.

Good grades at school do not guarantee university admission

Selection criteria for American universities differs from those in Russia and CIS countries in that the applicant with the highest academic performance are not as preferred as the applicant with the best motivation, which will benefit the University more. Proof of motivation will be volunteer work, diplomas, sports achievements, as well as a good motivation letter. In addition, international students must prove a high level of English proficiency by receiving a good TOEFL/IELTS score.

Fact: admission criteria for international and local students differ. Most universities do not require international students to pass the SAT, and some do not ask for a motivation letter and recommendations from teachers

You can go to University without deciding on a specialty

Most U.S. universities offer a flexible education system, allowing people to choose a specialty up to two years. Students who do not choose a study profile receive undeclared status and can study General education subjects for the first two years. During this time, you can also change the specialty (which, however, can extend the training time).

You can get two higher education at the same time

If desired, American students can receive two higher education at the same time. To do this, however, you need to have a good academic record and get a special permit. All students are allowed in addition to the main profile to choose an additional-minor - to broaden their horizons. For example, studying to be a graphic designer, I plan to take minor in business and management, which includes five additional courses from the list to choose from. It is impossible to choose two specialties from one faculty.

It is necessary to apply in advance

Most US universities accept applications for the fall semester in October and November almost a year in advance, which many students are not ready for. You can enroll both in the autumn and spring semesters, so if you are late with the submission of documents - do not worry.

Students themselves distribute their load

In the USA students are offered two forms of education:

  • Full-time (12-18 units or 4-6 lessons per week)
  • Part-time (3-9 units or 1-3 lessons per week).

Thus, choosing more lessons per week, students can finish College not in 4 years, but in 3, and conversely, learning 2 lessons per week, a student can finish University in six years.

In addition, many universities have winter and summer semesters lasting from 2 to 6 weeks. During the short winter semester, which lasts 2-3 weeks, students at an accelerated pace pass the usual program of the course and pass all the same exams that in normal semesters.

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