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Vistula University (Poland)

VISTULA university is one of the best private universities in Poland. It was founded in 1996 as The Higher School of economics and Computer science in Warsaw, and in 2011 it was renamed VISTULA University. Located in one of the fastest growing capital cities in Europe, the University boasts a unique international atmosphere and students coming from more than 26 countries on 4 continents.

In the ranking of Wprost in 2011, the University took the 8th place, being one of the best national universities in Poland. The University's efforts were also evaluated in the Outlook ranking, in which The University took 18th place in 2011 and won a special prize for the biggest jump in the ranking among non-governmental institutions (from 36th position in 2010). The University also received the title Ambasadora Polskiej Nauki and the prestigious certificate Uczelnia Lider (school of leaders) for the training of highly qualified specialists with modern knowledge and meet the expectations of employers, both in the local and international labor market.

University, with a total construction area of 25 000 square m. capacity: 8 computer labs, 7 Assembly halls, 60 classrooms, a rich and a specially designed library, Olympic sports hall, gym, 4 tennis courts, Parking for 300 cars. Basic medical services are available on site for all students and faculty. The close location (only 50 m) to the only metro line in Warsaw makes it easily accessible from all parts of the city.

Here you can choose whether you want to take Bachelor’s degree (3 years) and Master’s degree (2 years) courses in English or Polish. In addition, you have a chance to study at two faculties simultaneously and at the end to get two diplomas in different specialties. In this case, the cost of only one of the two programs is paid.

Those, who were late to apply for the fall semester, have a unique opportunity to enroll in the spring semester, as the University accepts documents two times a year.

At VISTULA University you can receive a scholarship provided that you achieve good results in training and take an active part in the life of the university.

What is a Double Degree Program? This is an opportunity to study at two faculties simultaneously and to obtain two degrees at once, while paying only the cost of training one of them.

For example, you can combine Economics and International Relations or Economics and Computer Science.

Advantages of VISTULA University

  • Education is the way to business! Close cooperation with corporations, quality educational programs, additional courses and practice;
  • The opportunity to participate in the student exchange programs of Socrates and Erasmus and to study a semester or year abroad, receiving a scholarship;
  • Membership in WACE (World Association of Cooperative Education);
  • Embassy Club (35 ambassadors and diplomats);
  • Preparatory language school (TOEFL, IELTS, etc. certificates);
  • One of the most modern campuses in Warsaw, located 150 meters from the metro station;
  • A wide range of services, excursion tours available to foreign students, career planning and student practice, an information bureau, a variety of cultural events, sports and science clubs, adaptation programs, assistance in accommodation and all settlement and educational procedures.
  • Recruitment of students takes place 2 times per year.
  • Admission of documents to the University from May to the end of September (for the winter semester) and from October to mid-January (for the summer semester).
  • The enrollment decision of the Qualification Commission of the Faculty within 1 week.

Main Specialties 

The Economics

  • International business
  • The Economics of European integration
  • Finance of commercial organizations
  • Management in a small enterprise own company
  • Computer science in business
  • International economic relations
  • Accounting and taxation in commercial organizations
  • Eastern market


  • Business communication
  • Culturology
  • Translation

Finance and accounting

  • Finance of commercial organizations
  • Public sector Finance
  • Accounting and taxation in commercial organizations
  • Banking strategy
  • Insurance
  • Modern financial market

Computer Science

  • Data base
  • Computer science in business
  • Software development
  • General Informatics
  • Internet technology
  • Network technology

International relations

  • International trade during globalization
  • International political relations
  • European relations
  • Modern diplomacy


  • Media and social communication
  • Sociology of politics government and civil society
  • Sociology in business

Tourism and recreation

  • Hotel and restaurant business
  • Service and organization of tourism
  • Recreation (recreation)
  • Business tourism


  • Management information system
  • The management of the banking institution
  • Personnel management
  • Micro enterprise management
  • Project management
  • Knowledge management
  • Public sector management

Additional Expenses

The registration fee for all programs is 100 Euros


Accommodation in a hostel from 550 PLN / month (about 125 EUR);

Apartment accommodation:

  • a separate room in the apartment from 900PLN/month (about 200EUR);
  • Studio apartment from 1800PLN/month (about 400EUR).

The cost may vary depending on the location of the property, its size and living conditions.


Approximate costs 400-600 PLN / month (approximately 90-135 EUR):

Lunch at a fast food restaurant 15-20 PLN (about 4-5 EUR);

Why should you contact us if you want to start study at Vistula University (Poland)?

We conduct enrollment in Vistula University (Poland) and supervise the entire admission process.

Relevance of information.

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Admission to the University is an important and responsible step in everyone's life. Let the professionals be there for you every step of the way of enrolling.

What can we do for you to study at Vistula University (Poland):

  • Advise on education in Poland;
  • Select a University and academic program;
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  • We will help you to get a student visa.
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