Kyungin Women's College


The history of Kyungin Women’s University begins in November 11, 1991 when the establishment of Kyung-in Women’s College was approved. The opening ceremony took place in February 2, along with Inauguration of the first president, Gil-Ja Kim. In 1995 the Affiliated Kindergarten was established with adjusted quota of 4 class 160 persons, and the Adult & Continuing Education departments of KIWU with adjusted quota of 6 courses, 25 subject, and 760 persons. In 2012 it was renamed to Kyungin Women’s University.

As time goes by, the institution changed the name of a number of departments and added new ones, thus increasing admission quotas. Nowadays, there are more than 28 departments in such spheres, as Nursing, Tourism, IT, design, Society and Administration, Child Education, and Art, Music & Physical Education.  

Kyungin Women’s University was established based on human qualities, such as Justice, Love, Truth, and Creation as well as the basic principles of the Korean education system so that it can research professional knowledge, theory, and actual tasks in diverse aspects of Korean society for the ideal formation of humanity and foster the professionals required for the development of national industries.


Division of Nursing & Welfare

  • Nursing
  • Health Information & Management
  • Human & Environment
  • Social Welfare
  • Beauty Skincare
  • Pet Total Care
  • Hair Beauty

Division of Tourism & food

  • Global Culinary Arts
  • Global Tourism Service
  • Food Nutrition
  • Airline Services & Tourism
  • Hotel & Casino
  • Wedding & Event

Division of design

  • Advertising Design
  • Fashion Design

Division of Society & Administration

  • Business Administration
  • International Trade
  • Financial Business
  • Secretarial Administration
  • Tax Accounting

Division of Child Education

  • Early Childhood Education
  • Early Childhood Care & Health
  • Early Childhood Care & Arts Education
  • Childhood Education & Care

Division of Art, Music & Physical Education

  • Practical Music

Division of Information

  • Software Convergence
  • Video Broadcasting
  • Smart IT

Admission Guidance


A female foreigner who graduated from high school or from a higher educational institution, with TOPIK Level 3 or higher, or one who completed Class 3 or higher of the Korean language course after taking a Korean language course for more than 6 months at a Korean university.

Application documents (requires notarization)

  • Certificate of graduation - Elementary, middle, and high schools and transcript per year - 1 each
  • TOPIK Level 3 or higher
  • Copy of identification and family register of all family members including applicant
  • Copy of certificate of employment and certificate of income of parents
  • Bank certificate of deposit balance (more than USD 10,000 for more than 6 months)
  • Copy of passport
  • 4 ID pictures (3x4)
  • Additional documents may be required depending on the case


Recognition and achievements

In 1997 Kyung-in Women’s College was selected as a top college in informatization by the Ministry of Information and Communication. Industrial Environment Research Institute approved as the designated working condition measuring agency by the Ministry of Labor.

In 2003 it was selected as a lecturing agency for incubation by Incheon office of Small and Medium Business Administration, and in 2011 as the best case of Enhancing Educational Capability as a 2-year College and the best case of Representative Brand Project of 2-year College. It was also recognized as the 11th "University with Top Educational Content" by the University News Network. In 2016, already being a university, it was designated as the Best University by High Education Statistics Research; as a certified institute for career hands-on session by the Ministry of Education; and as Base Center for National Competency Standard (NCS) in the Metropolitan Area.

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