Youngsan University


Youngsan University is committed to educating those who know the business well enough to become leaders of underground champions and professional lawyers. Leaders of anonymous champions who can grow their local companies as a strong global company will be able to understand global trends and create new corporate values.

Being a prestigious private educational institution with a rich history and traditions in Yonnam, the Sungsim School Foundation has been involved in various educational services focused on public services since its foundation in 1973. Practical labor traditions have become a strong high school in the last 30 years.

The Sungsim School Foundation runs the Youngsan University to implement educational programs that meet its basic ideals, educate the elite in modern knowledge and continue to adapt to a changing world.

The Sungsim School Foundation remains committed to the role of Youngsan University in bringing people together around the world to prosper and prosper. He also seeks to expand his base for the growth of students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

This foundation is designed to provide higher education for national development based on secondary education, the skills required by working professionals, as well as the educational ideals of the Republic of Korea and the spirit of this school.

Professional lawyers will continue to develop companies, combining professional knowledge and legal knowledge with practical entrepreneurial activity. Those who know what products are sold on the world market tend to sell their products, trusting consumers how much their money costs and what wise people really need.

The main programs of Youngsan University are aimed at training real professionals in their field. knowledge must be deeply rooted. Reflections on what companies need, what society needs, what world we live in and where we are now, can help us accumulate our knowledge.


The university aims to implement this humanitarian program. We believe that such a program, which continues to raise questions about world problems, will lead to new values ​​for practical activities.

The founders of Youngsan are Hong-Ik-In-Gan and Won-Young-Mu-Adir. Hong-Ik-In-Gan and Won-Young-Mu-Ae present the idea of ​​better service to the human community, as well as roundness and proportion.

The fundamental ideas of the University are the basis for Yangsan University and programs designed to train practitioners who are necessary for representatives of this era to create new values, develop their own knowledge and develop in the light of modern trends. trying to reach.

Youngsan respects and supports the aspirations and aspirations of youth. The university is moving forward to become a prestigious university, contributing to the development of the local community and nation, focusing on practical education, allowing students to realize their dreams and meeting the needs of the community.

Undergraduate programs

  • College of Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • College of Arts and Culture
  • College of Creative Human Resources
  • College of Engineering
  • College of Medical Sciences
  • College of Human Resources

Master's programs

  • Graduate School of Law and Business Administration
  • Higher School of Tourism
  • Graduate School of Real Estate
  • Graduate School of Beauty
  • Higher Engineering School

- High school graduates (they are only eligible for Korean or regular courses).

- Only university graduates are eligible for master courses.)

- International students or Koreans abroad


The student residence is located on the Yangsan campus and the Haeundae campus. The first hostel on the Yansan campus is 4 floors, the total area is 2,221.80,8, the second is 5 floors, the third floor is 4,904.54㎡ and the third. The Haeundae campus is located 5 floors from the first floor, with a total height of 7807.00 m2, a height of 1 floor and 6 floors, a second floor with a total area of ​​43.61.43 m2, 1 basement and 3 floors. floors above ground. It is used as a general student dormitory, and each dormitory is equipped with a desk, chairs, bookshelves, beds, wardrobes, a telephone and a network port. Additional options include various amenities such as a gym, reading room, laundry, bathroom, shower room and kitchen.

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