Dankook University


Established in 1947, Dankook University is a private and comprehensive research institute that is located at the heart of Yongin and Cheonan, South Korea. It has well over 35,000 students and currently features 22 undergraduate colleges, 89 departments, and 15 graduate schools. It has established Korea’s first dual campus system at both Jukjeon and Cheonan, and from this, it provides differentiated instruction to meet demands of the technetronic era. For its future development, Dankook University possesses plans for establishing international programs that can enable their students to choose the right course program to increase their knowledge and marketability.

In the Jukjeon Campus, they have been focusing on its research and investment on Culture Technology (CT) and Information Technology (IT). Meanwhile, at the Cheonan Campus, Bio-Technology (BT) characterization is highly focused on. Through the establishment of the Health biomedical science cluster integrating school of Biosciences, Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmaceutical Sciences, there are many active interdisciplinary research and education.

Dankook University is ranked 190th in Asia by QS Asian Universities Ranking in 2018.


  • Accounting & Finance
  • Applied, Pure Sciences
  • Business, Management
  • Computer Science, IT
  • Creative Arts & Design
  • Engineering
  • Humanities & Social Sciences 1
  • Law
  • Mass Communication & Media

Campus information

Jukjeon Campus (IT & CT Specialization) Facilities:

  • Student and Faculty Dining Hall/Cafeteria
  • Convenience Shops
  • Campus Bookstore
  • Health Clinic
  • Bank
  • Vending Machines: Located in each building lounge areas and dining hall
  • Women’s Lounge: Hyedang Hall, 3rd floor (female only)
  • Shower Room: Hyedang Hall, 2nd floor (male only)
  • Janitor’s office of car parking: Hyedang Hall, 2nd floor (shinwan business)
  • Post office: Hyedang Hall, 1st floor

Cheonan campus (Medical, BT &Foreign Language Specialization) Facilities:

  • Student and Faculty Dining Hall/Cafeteria
  • Dormitory Dining Hall
  • Chinese Restaurant
  • Snack Corner
  • Lounge
  • Convenience Shops
  • Copy Services
  • Campus Bookstore and office supplies
  • Shower Room
  • Post office
  • Health Clinic: Student Union Hall (theater building), 3rd-floor
  • Vending Machines: Located in each building lounge areas and dining hall
  • Janitor’s office of car parking: Student Union Hall: 3rd  floor (shinwan business)
  • Janitor’s office of School bus: Student Union Hall: 3rd  floor

Dankook University is located near Jukjeon Station, not Dandaeogeori Station. Dankook University that can be reached by Bundang Line & Sinbundang Line. Dankook University has the public bus to Gangnam it will be taken 20 mins and also 25 mins to the central Seoul (Myungdong). Dankook University has provided the  free shuttle bus to the students let them go to Seoul and around the university.


In Dankook University, dormitories are provided for students for the first year upon their admittance to the University. There are specially allocated residential houses for international students in both Dankook University's campuses; Jakjeon and Cheonan. There would be at least 4 students in each room.

Students can also utilise the kitchen provided by the University in both campuses.

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