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Online and web-based student application processing are totally performed at our website.

KUAC Website is equipped with a powerful and user-friendly information. It provides the full list of universities in Korea together with extensive information, by which the students can make their own study options and planning.

KUAC faciliates and coordinates throughout the online application processing for admissions, scholarships, visa processing requirements and job placements.

Real-time responses to the inquiries(One-Day Policy)

Unique internationalization consulting firm in Korea

Recruit genuine and qualified students from a diverse set of countries. Solid and thorough verification and assessments, based on the entry requirements of the partner universities

Operate regional offices and marketing network in many countries

One-stop service: from admission to graduation

Help the partner universities build up internationally competitive academic environments: curriculum developments, academic prectices, students job placement, student caring and counceling process

Proven succesful track-records for students and universities

Global Conuslting

Assist partner universities to become internationally competitive in many aspects of their academic operations, so they can attract genuine and qualified foreign students. For this, we provide significant input and feedback for student entry requirements, enhanced curriculum, academic practices and many aspects of academic operations

Currently, over five million students are on mobility to study abroad and it is expected that over 8 million students will be mobilized by 2020. Therefore, most of the education provider around the world is copmeting to be a major player under the circumstance of student mobility

We assist the partner universities to position themselves for success in the global education market for all aspects of globalization such as student recruitment, application verification and processing, cirriculum development and enhancement, academic practices, student counceling and caring process, scholarship strategies and job placement.

Why Korea?

Superior opportunities for higher education

The Korean Ministry of Education closely monitors and regulates university systems and operations to ensure the highest standards in both public and private universities

English-Track courses

Studying in Korea is relatively inexpansive in comparison to many other countires. Students are allowed to work part-time during their study period fro 20 hours a week and full-time during the school holidays, therby making it possible for the students to support themselves financially.

Scholarship opportunities

A variety of scholarships are available to international students from Korean universities as well as the Government

Job Placement support and opportunities to work in Korea provided

The Korean government hosts annual job exhibitions to assist foreign students seeking employment in korea and provides web-based support for job placement. This includes information relating to job vacancies for foreign stuedents. The demands for foreign students studied in Korea has been rapidly increasing in the Korean Industry.

Professional visa enables the foreign students to stay in Korea

Permanent residence visa is also available to qualified students

What can we do for you, so that you can start studying at Korean University Admission Center in South Korea?

World.uz – official representative of many higher education institutions abroad. We use the proven technologies of searching for academic programs and successful admission strategies, so our customers do not waste time searching for information and taking extra steps. While we are engaged in your admission, you can continue mastering a foreign language or preparing for exams.

  • We give information on studying in South Korea for free;
  • We select the university, school, courses and academic program;
  • We prepare the correct set of documents;
  • We send the application to an educational institution;
  • We apply for scholarships/grants;
  • We help you get a student visa;
  • We organize a transfer to the door of the educational institution.

In order to get a free consultation, just fill out the form below and we will contact you during the working days!

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