Beijing Normal University 北京师范大学


Beijing Normal University, a key university under the administration of the Ministry of Education, is a renowned institution of higher education known for teacher education, education science and basic learning in both the arts and the sciences.

Beijing Normal University is acknowledged as one of the nation’s first ten key universities. The school entered into the first “211 Project” Construction Program during the time of the Ninth Five-Year Plan.

The main campus (North Taipingzhuang Campus) of Beijing Normal University covers 1,048 acres that serve as an important place for the university to carry out educational activities. The school has 1,800 long-term international students. The comprehensive disciplinary strength of Beijing Normal University puts the school at the forefront of the nation’s advanced teaching institutions. In 2002, BNU was one of the top six universities with independent examination and approval authority for undergraduate majors.

Beijing Normal University promotes broad international cooperation and exchange, having signed cooperative agreements with nearly three hundred universities and research institutes from more than thirty nations and regions and exchanging students through cooperative programs with over fifty universities from places that include the United States, the UK, Japan, South Korea and Canada.

Adhering to a fine tradition of “Patriotism, Progress, Honesty, Sincerity, Truth-Seeking, Innovation and being a paragon of virtue and learning” while embodying the spirit of “Learn, so as to instruct others and Act, to serve as example to all,” for over a hundred years Beijing Normal University has lived by the philosophy of “Pursuing knowledge, Cultivating personality, and Helping the whole world.”


At Beijing Normal University, different courses are taught in different teaching buildings. Teaching buildings of each faculty are all spread out across the entire campus. Independent learning is an important factor of university life. As such, Beijing Normal University provides ample study facilities for its staff and students to do study and do research, such as the library, Teaching Buildings 2, 4, 7, 8, 9 and etc.


  • Education
  • Chinese Language and Literature
  • Management
  • Science
  • Foreign Languages and Literatures
  • Law School
  • Life Sciences
  • Resources Science & Technology
  • P.E. and Sports
  • History
  • Business School
  • Art and Communication
  • Mathematical Sciences
  • Geography
  • Information Science and Technology
  • Continuing Education and Teacher Training
  • Philosophy & Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Marxism (School of Political Science and International Studies)
  • Chinese Language & Culture
  • Chemistry
  • Environment
  • Nuclear Science and Technology
  • Physics
  • Astronomy
  • Social Development and Public Policy
  • Government


Beijing Normal University Library developed out of the reading room of education department, Imperial University of Peking, which was established in 1902. After many times broaden scale and moving, the library services are mainly provided by the main library, which firstly opened in 2011, the educational branch library and many school or department reading rooms. By the end of 2014, the total printed collections amount to more than 4.61 million items, including Chinese and foreign language books, periodicals, dissertations, and other documents. The library has introduced 296 Chinese and foreign language databases. There are 26 special collection resources databases constructed by the way of independence or cooperation.

Accommodation at Beijing Normal University (BNU)

There are a total of 6 international student dorms in BNU. All the rooms in Beijing Normal University are equipted with single bed, bedding, desk, bookshelf, chair, lamp, telephone,refrigerator,safe box, air conditioner, electric kettle, wardrobe. Hot water is provide the whole day and the room is cleaned everyday.

Scholarships at Beijing Normal University (BNU)

Scholarships are awarded in all subjects available at the Beijing Normal University.

Scholarship Award: Scholarship will comprise:

  • Waives full tuition during the duration of study.
  • Provides a living allowance during the duration of study
  • Undergraduate students: RMB 2,500yuan/month
  • Master students: RMB 3,000yuan/month
  • Ph. D students: RMB 3,500yuan/month
  • Provides comprehensive insurance.

The scholarship duration is equal to the duration of study.

Living in University

Beijing Night

Since 2010, Beijing Normal University been the organizer for Beijing International Students Night, a large scale theatrical performance. It is held annually in December. It showcases talents from diverse culture and encourages cross cultural exchange. Students from universities across the country are also invited to perform.

Cultural and Art Festival

In order to provide a platform for students who have much enthusiasm with Chinese culture and Chinese, we hold the festival of Chinese culture and art communication with the theme of “World Looks at China”, aiming to broaden Chinese students’ international horizons and help foreign students to know more about Chinese culture by various types of activities. Thus, we can help Chinese students and foreign students live in harmony, help them know the world better and build the harmonious and beautiful campus.

Free Monthly Activities

International Students Office (ISO) organizes cultural and sports activities once a month for students to visit the main attractions in Beijing and also learn more about Chinese traditional arts.

Association Activities

BNU Debate team is a unique and dynamic form of debate. It format combining the concepts of “prepared” topics with “impromptu” topics, encouraging debaters to focus on specified issues rather than debate theory or procedural arguments. This highly interactive style of debate allows debaters to engage each other, even during speeches. This challenging format requires good teamwork and in-depth quality argumentation.

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