Kobe International University


Student management

Kobe International University confirms the school attendance rate of international students and conducts follow-up visits to the absentee by phone or home visit. In addition, we provide livelihood guidance, including visits to boarding houses for new international students.

International Center

Staff speaking English, Chinese and Vietnamese are stationed at the International Center. We exchange information on international students with parents in their home country if necessary.

Student Assistant

A student assistant (SA) system is set up, and Japanese students support international students’ classes.


For International Students Outside of Japan

International students who enter the university directly from abroad will live in our dormitory. Detailed information about the dormitory will be announced at the entrance procedure.

For International Students Living in Japan

In enrolling in our university, we introduce real estate brokers to newly moving international students.

Part-time job

We arrange part-time jobs suitable for foreign students, such as restaurants and factories near the university.

Kobe, where KIU is located, is one of the major cities in the greater Kansai area of western Japan along with Osaka and Kyoto, and an economic, cultural and tourist center with a population of over 1.5 million people. Kobe is also well-known as the second largest port city in Japan and has many international companies. The city has a very convenient public transportation system and offers tourist help in visiting attractive sightseeing spots, such as Mt.Rokko, Harborland, and China town.


Kobe International University was founded in 1968 and is a private, co-educational, multidisciplinary institution offering wide range of programs in undergraduate levels. The university is affiliated to the Anglican Church of. Japan. It is located in the ancient city of Kobe, a majestic city both historically as well as naturally.

The university, which has inbound and outbound study partnerships with a host of institutions in more than 30 countries is especially renowned for its academic standards and a widely diverse international student body. Popularly known as the “Global Partners”, the university regularly facilitates exchange of students and faculties with its partner universities around the word like Niagara College Canada, California State University, Griffith College, Bond University, NLA University College.

Kobe International University also has an Academic Research Society and Institutes for Economic, Cultural and Rehabilitation Studies to promote research activities inside the university.

The university also organises several events each year like the Rice Cake Pounding, study tours, BBQ party and other various school festivals.

The university has a well- managed dormitory system and has set up student assistant systems to help international students with their studies. From aqua hall to the career development centre, Kobe International University provides all sorts of amenities to facilitate the personal and professional development of its students.

In addition to this, there is a student council, different cultural organisations and sports club inside the campus. The university provides a number of scholarships for students that are in need of financial need.

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