University of Latvia


The University of Latvia is a state-run university located in Riga, Latvia. It was established in 1919. The QS World University Rankings places the university between 801st and 1000th globally, seventh in the Baltic states, and 50th in the EECA category. This university was founded in 1919 and is officially accredited.

This 99 years old higher-education institution has a selective admission policy based on entrance examinations and students’ past academic records and grades.

The admission rate range is 40-50% making this Latvian higher education organization an averagely selective institution. International students are welcome to apply for enrollment.

This university is affordable both for local and international students.

After the end of the First World War, empires collapsed in the world and new national, independent states were established, including Latvia. Latvia's independence was proclaimed on November 18, 1918. For an independent state to establish and exist, the country must have academically educated citizens. Therefore, it is during the birth of the country that the idea of ​​a national university becomes especially relevant.

The establishment of a large higher education institution in the internationally difficult and economically unstable conditions that existed in Latvia at the beginning of the 20th century was considered by many to be impossible, but it was accomplished. On September 28, 1919, the University of Latvia was ceremoniously opened in the building of the former Riga Polytechnic Institute in Riga, 19 Raina Boulevard. After the development of the Satversme, it was given the name by the University of Latvia.

The new higher education institution became one of the most important manifestations of the freedom and independence of the Latvian people. It was the only opportunity in the world to obtain higher education in the Latvian language. The university was born and formed together with the state of Latvia, but later it improved Latvia itself.


  • IELTS 5.5
  • GPA 70%


Bachelor (3 years)

  • Business administration – 2750 eur
  • Computer science – 2200 eur
  • International economics and commercial diplomacy – 3080 eur
  • Asian studies – 2750 eur
  • Cultural and social anthropology – 2200 eur
  • English Philology – 2750 eur
  • German philology – 2750 eur
  • French philology – 2750 eur
  • Russian philology – 2750 eur
  • Industrial engineering – 2530 eur
  • Modern language and business studies – 3000 eur
  • Optometry – 4000 eur
  • Biotechnology and bioengineering – 3200 eur
  • Dentistry – 14.000 eur
  • Medicine – 9000 eur (6 years)

Master (2 years)

  • European studies and economic diplomacy – 2365 eur
  • International business with specialization in export management – 2365 eur
  • Baltic Sea Region Studies – 2365 eur
  • Cultural and social anthropology – 2365 eur
  • Educational sciences – 3700 eur
  • English philology – 3000 eur
  • German Philology – 3000 eur
  • Optometry – 4000 eur
  • Romance languages and Culture studies – 3000 eur
  • Russian philology – 3000 eur
  • Sports science – 4000 eur
  • Technological innovations and design for education – 3700 eur

Advantages of studying at the University of Latvia:

  • Tuition is affordable comparing to other top universities.
  • You are more likely to find a high-paying job.
  • Life in Latvia will be cheaper than in other European countries.
  • There is an opportunity to participate in the Erasmus program


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