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University Niccolò Cusano is a very versatile university offering both traditional face to face lessons at its Campus in Rome and modern e-learning lessons, for degree courses in six areas: Law, Economics, Political Science, Education, Psychology, Engineering.

Students can follow courses in Rome at central UNICUSANO CAMPUS. Here each day there are face to face lessons with a teacher. The University complex, over 16.000 square metres, is situated in a six-hectare park, and is equipped with a 109 room student residence, a restaurant, coffee bar and gym.

Once enrolled in the university, students can follow courses on an online multimedia platform. They can access, through an ordinary pc connected to the internet, all the courses related to their study programme, and thus make best use of the time that dedicate to their studies.


On enrolment they receive a password which allows them 24/7 to follow lessons which are in part video (recordings and video-conferencing) and in part based on power point slides, downloadable materials and self-assessment test. The platform also provides students forums, chat rooms and other facilities for interaction with tutors, teachers and other students. Examinations will be held in oral learning centres in the country concerned alternatively at our central campus in Rome, where the student will receive accommodation free of charge. The university also provides each student with online assistance from personal tutors who follow the student’s progress throughout his or her course of study. The tutors offer help in organisational and administrative matters as well as moral support.
Unicusano is a modern university, in the sense that we offer young people the opportunity to lead normal lives while engaged in a full university education; they can have jobs, practise sports or travel at the same time as they study.
We also feel strongly that the online university alternative is the only one that guarantees the right to study to members of society that would otherwise be excluded – the disabled, those in full-time employment or with family commitments, for example.


The teaching Staff

Teachers at Unicusano are full or associate university professors or researchers. Some of them come from other Italian state universities and others have been selected by open competitive examinations. In addition to our permanent teaching staff, several other important figures in the fields of economics, law and the social sciences are involved in providing educational support on a regular basis.



  • Economics
  • Law
  • Psychology
  • Engineering
  • Science of Education
  • Sociology - Communication
  • Humanities
  • Human Movement Sciences


“Face to face” contacts

The above –mentioned distance learning activities are integrated with traditional face to face lessons. Every day, following a fixed timetable, face-to-face lessons are held on the campus, which means that students have a regular contact with their teachers.
All the classrooms are equipped with central heating and air-conditioning, besides Interactive Whiteboards, and where required, there are also rooms with computers, LCD monitors, video projectors, video recorders, DVD and television.



The relationship between the students and the teachers and with the university itself has always played a central role, and from the beginning, we have provided students with their own TUTORS ; these are staff members whose function is to provide close contact with the university, to respond to the students’ needs and to give them active support in their course of study.



Face-to-face lessons calendar

Students should take note that lessons are held according to a calendar and timetable for each course of study at the central campus: UNICUSANO Via Don Carlo Gnocchi 3. Rome.
Students are advised to consult the link ‘Unicusano notices’ on the platform to check for any variations in the lesson timetables.
The face-to-face lessons take place every week, they consist of additional in-depth coverage of specific areas, which the teacher introduces at the start of the course. Each lesson will deal with specific points connected with the course exam programme. In addition, the on-line videoconferences enable our teachers to respond to any particular needs or problems of their students. During the conferencing period, students can ask questions about exams or receive explanations of any difficult or important points from the teacher. Students can access and follow the videoconference lessons directly by going to the relevant section on their course platform and entering their credentials.


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