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At Collège Bourget, every student, from kindergarten onward, grows through different spheres: arts, sports, community service and science. Our extended schedule and double transportation service allow us to provide a rich and diversified academic and athletic life.

Collège Bourget is a French-language private education institution in Rigaud, Quebec, Canada. Despite its former religious involvements under the Roman Catholic branch, the students are no longer obliged to practice Catholicism or any other religion. The school provides education at the preschool, primary, and secondary lebels and even offers a grade 12. Bourget welcomes about 1100 day-students and offers a boarding service for high-school students, notably from the international program.

Perhaps more than 90% of Bourget's students come from outside the small town of Rigaud. Therefore, more than 20 school buses travel on the road across nearby areas in order to bring students into school every morning and back home in the afternoon. On Friday afternoons, a few extra bus drivers have to go across Southern Quebec and South-Eastern Ontario to bring boarding students home, and pick them up once again on Sunday nights/Monday mornings and bring them back in school.

An educational project is built on values and describes principles to guide our daily actions.

At Collège Bourget, the educational project was discussed amongst all the staff close to the children. Classes and extracurricular activities all aim for the same goal: develop the students’ full potential to prepare them for a successful life.

At the start of the 2022-2023 school year, the college will offer a brand-new service: 7-Day boarding.Weekend boarding favors a stable rhythm of life and enriches community living.

Community living is without a doubt a very concrete life-learning experience: it builds character and personality. The experience enables one to discover values such as friendship, fraternity and sharing. It helps develop a strong sense of responsibility, autonomy and commitment. All students between the ages of 13 and 19 who come from abroad or locally are eligible for 7-day boarding.

The Main Building: This is the largest building of the school where preschool, elementary and the first 3 grades of high school classes are located. Lockers spaces, entertainment halls with ping-pong tables and foosball tables, a general store, cafeteria, infirmary, library and administration offices.

The Querbes Building: This is the building dedicated to the classrooms of seniors: secondary 4 and 5 students. The building additionally houses boarding students on its upper floors.



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