Berlin International University of Applied Sciences (BAU)


Berlin International is a state-accredited and internationally-oriented university of applied sciences located in the heart of Berlin whose programs are taught entirely in English. We seek to provide an educational environment in which students are encouraged to realize their individual potential while also learning to work in an interdisciplinary and collaborative context.

As well as serving their academic needs, our staff is also interested in preparing students for the globalized world in which we live by promoting cross-cultural understanding through international academic co-operation and joint projects. Our core values include integrity, respect, excellence, innovation, and social responsibility. We strive to ensure that students both feel at home in our international academic community while also being challenged to test their limits and experience new forms of collaboration.

Berlin International facts

  • 48 different nationalities are studying and teaching at Berlin International
  • 66%of our students are international and from four continents
  • 84% of our teaching staff have studied or worked at international universities
  • 100% personal contact with Professors and Lecturers

Why study at the Berlin International?

  • All programs in English
  • Practical implementation
  • Learning in small groups
  • Part of a global community

Study programs

Berlin International offers seven undergraduate degree programs and one postgraduate degree program within the faculties of business administration and design, all of which are taught in English. Upon completion, students will receive a Bachelor of Arts or a Master of Arts accordingly.

Our international university team of educators draw on a diverse range of teaching strategies and contemporary research methods to create clearly structured degree programs that encourage close collaboration with peers as well as focused individual project work. Each of our programs is state-accredited and meets German and European quality standards. Continue reading to find out more about each individual faculty and its programs!

Design faculty

Nowadays, design is everywhere – from every-day objects such as furniture and kitchen utensils to luxury items such as designer fashion and high-end vehicles. Design is also ever-present in the ways that we consume information: in social networks, physical publications, and the creative marketing that we see all around us. Further-more, designers play an integral role in the way we perceive both brands and commercial entities as well as civic institutions. This means that any-one working in design needs to be able to work with people from a range of different disciplines and cultural backgrounds. Our design faculty of-fers study programs in Architecture, Interior De-sign, Product Design, and Graphic Design and Visual Communication, in which students learn to provide innovative solutions to contemporary de-sign challenges across many fields.


  • Directions: Architecture, Interior Design, Product Design, Graphic Design & Visual Communication 
  • Duration: 6 semesters (Architecture: 8 semesters)
  • Credits: 180 ECTS (Architecture: 240 ECTS)
  • Qualification: Bachelor of Arts
  • Admission: German university entrance qualification or equivalent, portfolio and interview


  • Directons: Interior Design
  • Duration: 2 or 4 semesters
  • Credits: 60 or 120 ECTS
  • Qualification: Master of Arts
  • Admission: Bachelor degree in related field, or equivalent, portfolio and interview

Business Administration

Globalization, one of the central aspects that shapes today’s business environment, has led to huge changes in the ways that future managers and executives are trained. Knowing how to work in intercultural and interdisciplinary teams is now of central importance for anyone wishing to work in the field of management. Accordingly, the programs in our Business Administration faculty seek to prepare students for careers in an increasingly globalized market.

Utilizing both foundational and emerging theoretical understandings of this context, as well as career-oriented professional training and inter-cultural awareness, our programs provide students with the skills to adapt to the challenges of this continuously-changing environment in order to equip them to thrive in today’s interconnected business world.


  • Directions: Digital Business & Management, Business Administration: Organizational Psychology, Business Administration: International Management & Marketing
  • Duration: 6 semesters
  • Credits: 180 ECTS
  • Qualification: Bachelor of Arts
  • Admission: German university entrance qualification or equivalent.

Professional Partnerships

Practical experience is a key aspect of all of our programs at Berlin International. Alongside developing a strong theoretical understanding of their field, we believe it is crucial for students to understand how this can be applied and utilized in the professional world. For this reason, we have a number of professional partner-ships with businesses and organizations that work with us to help students gain real-world experience.

Facilities & Technology

Our modern and spacious campus is equipped with computer labs, workshops, and a well-stocked library – everything our students need to excel in their studies. Students have access to a range of modern technology and tools to assist them in their projects. Alongside lecture halls and generously-sized seminar rooms, the campus also has a range of smaller rooms where students can focus and complete group work. In addition, we also offer a cafeteria where students can take a break and enjoy their meals between classes.

Berlin - Cosmopolitan and creative

Due to its cosmopolitan character, affordability, vibrant cultural scene, and reputation as a hub for creatives and start-ups, Berlin is one of the most popular cities in Europe to work, study, and live – especially if you are interested in being involved in an open and international community. With great public transport, large amounts of green open space, endless opportunities for cultural exploration, and one of the world’s best nightlife, Berlin certainly has enough to keep you occupied alongside your studies!


Our modern and spacious campus is located in the heart of the university district in Charlottenburg. Easily reachable by public transport, it is also surrounded by canals and green spaces and is only a short walk from Berlin’s largest park, the Tiergarten. Nearby, students can also find Kantstraße (one of the best streets for Asian food in Berlin), a number of galleries and cultural venues, and the Kurfürs-tendamm, Berlin’s oasis for high street fashion.


Our students come from all over the world – currently from over 60 countries that span six continents, making us a truly international community

International Network

Berlin International is committed to providing students with opportunities to study abroad in order to facilitate knowledge exchange and prepare students for careers in a globalized work environment. Our network spans Europe, North America, and Asia and gives students the opportunity to spend part of their studies in cities such as Washington D.C. and Istanbul, as well as many others. In addition, we are proud to be a holder of the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education, and have Erasmus agreements with 25 universities in Europe, a network which we are continuously expanding.

Studying at the University of Applied Sciences Europe 


  • State-accredited

  • Employability

  • Career Center

  • Partner Companies


The University of Applied Sciences Europe - in Iserlohn, Berlin, Hamburg - educates the designers and decision-makers of tomorrow in the fields of Business, Sports, Media and Event and Art & Design. It came into existence in 2017 after the merge of BTK University of Art & Design and BiTS University of Business, Sports, Media & Event.

The university promotes the future-oriented development of skills and interdisciplinary teaching formats in step with actual practice and according to the highest international standards. Through the interaction between creative, entrepreneurial and digital thinking, as well as an international perspective, the various fields of study mutually enrich each other and offer new approaches in teaching and research tailored to the requirements of Job Market 4.0.

Programs offered at the University of Applied Sciences Europe 

Art & Design


  • Communication Design (EN) - 10,380 € yearly
  • Film + Motion Design (EN, GER) - 10,380 € yearly
  • Photography (EN, GER) - 10,380 € yearly
  • Game Design (EN, GER) - 10,380 € yearly
  • Illustration (GER) - 10.380 € jährlich


  • Media Spaces (EN) - 12,600 € yearly
  • Innovation Design Management (EN) - 14,300 € for one year
  • Photography (EN) - 12,600 yearly
  • Visual & Experience Design (EN) - 14,300 € for one year

Business, Sports, Media and Event


  • Business & Management Studies (EN, GER) - 11,340 € yearly
  • Business Psychology (GER) - 12.300 € jährlich
  • Journalism & Business Communication (GER) - 10.340 € jährlich
  • Soccer Management - Specialisation (EN, GER) - € 95 monthly (in addition to study programme fees)
  • Sport Sciences: Fitness and Health (GER) - 11.340 € jährlich
  • Psychology (GER) - 11.340 € jährlich
  • Business & Taxes (dual) (GER) -  4.740 € yearly
  • Business & Management Studies E-Commerce (dual) (GER) - 5.460 € jährlich
  • Digital Business & Data Science (EN, GER) - 11,340 € yearly
  • Communication & Media Management (GER) - 10.340 € jährlich
  • Sport & Eventmanagement (EN, GER) - € 11,340 yearly
  • Basketball Management - Specialisation (EN) - € 11,340 yearly
  • Sport Sciences: Training and Performance (GER) - 11.340 € jährlich
  • Sport & Event Management at ALBA BERLIN College (dual) (GER) - 9,420 € / year
  • Business & Management studies (dual) (GER) - 4.740 € pro


  • Business Psychology (GER) - 13.188 € jährlich
  • Finance Management (EN) - 13.188 € jährlich
  • Int. Sport & Event Management (complementary) (EN, GER)
  • Master of Business Administration, MBA (GER) - 10,670 € for 3 semesters
  • Corporate Management (EN, GER) - 13,188 € yearly
  • Marketing Management & Public Relations (GER) - 13.188 € jährlich
  • Smart City Management (EN, GER)* Accreditation in process

Foundation Year

Would you like to study in Germany but don‘t currently have direct access to a German university? The Foundation Year (Studienkolleg) at campus Iserlohn is a one year pre-studies programme for qualified international high school graduates without direct access to a German university.

Fees and Contributions

Tuition fees:

  • Bachelor: Total for payment over 42 months = 27,930 €
  • Master: Total = 12,600 € yearly
  • Studienkolleg: 12,500 € yearly (10% discount if you apply till March 15)
  • Application fee: 50 € (non-refundable). For non EU students. If you send an application with, the application fee is free
  • Reservation fee 3.000€. This amount will be extracted from the rest of the tuition.


Bachelor (3 years)

Application requirements: 

  1. Application form

  2. High school diploma and transcripts. If a student is eligible to apply for a University Degree in a home country, he/she is eligible to apply to UE (Official translation to English or German)

  3. English language certificate/German language certificate (B2 level), IELTS — overall band score from 5.5(no less than 5.0 in each component), TOEFL 46-59

  4. CV and a passport copy

  5. Letter of motivation

  6. Once the application is complete, the student is required to complete an online test (UE sends the log in details) and then complete an admission interview (on campus or Skype).  

  • The online tests are an Intelligence Structure Test + Motivation test. The students are not required to study for this test.

  • The admission interview takes about 30 - 45 minutes and includes a general discussion about the student’s motivation and the tests results. They will be subsequently informed about the outcome. 

Master (2 years)

Application requirements:

  • Application form
  • Bachelor diploma and transcripts. (Official translation to English or German)
  • English language certificate/ German language certificate (B2 level), IELTS — overall band score from 6.0 (no less than 5.5 in each component), TOEFL 60-78
  • CV and a passport copy
  • Letter of motivation.
  • Master’s questionnaire
  • Then the admission interview. No online tests for the Masters programs.

Foundation Year (1 year)

Application requirements:

  1. High school diploma (attestat or relevant document)
  2. CV
  3. Motivation 
  4. IELTS 4,5


  • Summer Semester - 03.01.2020 
  • Winter Semester - 23.06.2020

Facts and figures

  1. University of Applied Sciences Europe, Germany is a private university with a state accreditation
  2. Three campuses, two languages – We have campuses in Berlin, Hamburg, Iserlohn. Language of the programs in English and German
  3. No Studiencolleg – Students can apply for the 1st year, after finishing high school
  4. Three years only- Duration of Bachelor programs is 3
  5. Internship & Semester Abroad programs for all students is required, which allows them to get a great work experience. UE among the TOP 25 Universities in International orientation and in TOP 10 in quality of teaching of Business programs
  6. Unique programs - Unique programs in Art & Design, Digital business & Data Sciences, etc. 91% of the UE's students find their job during the first six months after graduation.
  7. 18 months of postgraduate period, during this period you can find a job and stay in Germany legally

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