Did you know that there is education without blockshots in Germany?

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- Germany is one of the most developed countries in the world. Economy, art, social humanitarian sciences, higher education, and medicine are highly developed in the country. Germany ranks third in the world in terms of the quality of education. There are many public and private universities in Germany, and almost all of them offer free education to local and international students. 'fits your winter. Germany provides a 1-year block shot for students to get a good education and meet needs. If you need easy and convenient education without blockshot, this program is for you. What this Double degree program gives you: 4-year bachelor's program with 1 year in Dubai and 3 years in Germany, 1-year no deposit in the bank, cheap contracts, transfer to private universities with 11-year education, visa-free to Dubai exit and later in Germany with a Schengen visa includes opportunities to study, travel, and work.


- Student life In Germany, students have various part-time job opportunities to support themselves financially during their studies. Some common types of student jobs in Germany are:

Student Assistant (HiVi): Many universities offer student assistant positions in various departments where students can work on research projects or assist professors. These positions are often flexible and related to the student's field of study.

Service jobs: Students often find work in the service industry, such as in cafes, restaurants, bars or as event staff. These jobs may include tasks such as customer service, cashier duties, or setting up events.

Retail Jobs: Working in retail stores is a common option for students, especially during busy seasons or on weekends. This includes positions in supermarkets, clothing stores, or electronics stores.

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