Tokyo International University

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Tokyo International University:


- Tokyo International University has 3 campuses: 1) ( Kasumigaseki sampus) 2) ( Dani sampus) 3) ( Sakado sampus) As soon as you enter the university, you will encounter large buildings, each building has its own rules of order. It is mandatory to speak English in building A, no other language is allowed. The university buildings have special library computer rooms that students can use at any time. Another great room is the English Plaza, where children can always come to improve their English and Japanese, and also have face-to-face lessons with teachers. The university has canteens and meals for people from different countries. To enter the university, a student needs at least 6 IELST and a % of GPA. The quality of education at the university meets world standards, admissions to Bachelor's and Master's degrees are held twice a year. In order to attract international students, there has been an increase in the number of programs offered in English and a drive to internationalize. Japan is known for integrating technology into education, with an emphasis on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) subjects. There is a traditional focus on employment after graduation, and many students attend job fairs and recruitment events during their years at university.



There are various part-time job opportunities in Japan for local and international students. Some common options include:

Convenience Stores (Sonbini): Working at stores like 7-Eleven, Lawson, or FamilyMart is a popular choice for students because of their flexible hours.

Retail: Many students work in retail positions, such as salespeople in clothing stores, electronics stores, or department stores.

Fast Food and Restaurants: Restaurants and fast food chains often hire students for part-time positions as servers, kitchen staff, or delivery staff. Cafes: Coffee shops and cafes provide students with opportunities to work as baristas, servers, or cashiers.

Language Teaching/Tutoring: Foreign students who are fluent in the language may find opportunities to teach their native languages or offer tutoring services.

Administrative Jobs: Some students work in administrative roles such as office assistants, data entry clerks, or receptionists.


Event staff: Working at events, trade shows, or conferences is another option where students can help with logistics, check-in, or customer service.

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