Higher education system in Latvia:

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Life in Latvia:

- Latvia is a naturally beautiful country, with its historical places, musical and cultural life, and architecture, it is included in the list of World Heritage. Riga is the capital of the country, tourism and education are well developed in Latvia. The country has provided good conditions for all international students and tourists visiting Latvia. There is a 50% discount on vehicles for international students. There is no metro in Riga, and students use public transport mainly by buses and trolleybuses. Students can work part-time, 20 hours per week is legally set. Apart from studying, students can easily work by making friends with international students. He can easily cover his expenses, living conditions are very easy. Since Latvia is a Schengen zone, it is possible to travel and work in 27 other countries during vacation. Latvian education and universities:


- Latvia is one of the developed countries in terms of education, the country has created good conditions for international students to study and work. Universities are public and private, most of them are located in the city of Riga, and since the University and living study campuses are in different places, you can easily travel around the city during your studies. The requirements of the university are mainly IELTS and the higher the percentage of the certificate or diploma marks, the better. In Latvia, the University of Latvia, Riga Technical University, and ISMA universities are among the top in the world and provide high-quality education. After studying a bachelor's and master's degree, you can stay in the university or work in Latvia in your field. In Latvia, economics, economics, electricity, medicine, IT and telecommunications are highly developed and the relevant subjects are in depth.

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