Education in Germany: accessibility and benefits

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A couple of years before the end of school parents and students themselves start to think where to go to study. Some have a dream from a young age and know what is best for them. But the vast majority of graduates simply have no idea what will be right for them. And we are not talking about the specialty, but about the University in general and the state where this University is located. Choosing universities abroad, we think about the future, the possibility of building a career, and do not want to miss this difficult choice.

Today we will talk about the third most popular country among our graduates – Germany. The first and second places are taken by America and England.

It is well known that graduates from German universities are in demand in all areas and around the world. There, students do not just walk the corridors, as is the case in most Uzbek universities, and teach the profession in depth and in good faith.

Education in Germany has always been popular and attractive among foreign countries. Approximately 12 per cent of the students in the country are foreign students. This is a great opportunity to make friends around the world, learn a lot about different cultures and traditions. Foreigners are respected there and do not make any special requirements. Training takes place with the help of technologies that are the most modern and advanced today. Therefore, it is not surprising that many Uzbeks go there to study special areas in the field of medicine and engineering construction.

Work and study in Germany

While studying in Germany, students are given the opportunity to earn money at the same time, as well as to get an internship in their specialty. And often it turns out that in the future they get a job in these companies. Our students mostly live on the salary of their parents and a small scholarship, if there is any.

It is noteworthy that the training in Germany can be held not only in German but also in English. This is very good news for those who speak English. But this does not mean that you should not learn German, which is one of the ten most popular languages in the world, spoken by about 180 million people. Knowledge of the German language will open many doors for you, and it will be easier to find friends.

In Germany, there are many different areas, universities, there are about 450, where there are about 17,500 training programs.

Education is free in most German universities, as they receive funding from the state. In addition, the accommodation is very affordable, quite reasonable prices for food and clothing. In addition, there are benefits for students: you can show a student card and get discounts on swimming pool, cinema, etc. Germany is famous for its safety. You can move freely day and night both in the city and in the village.

Captivates this country and its attractive nature, as well as a favorable location right in the center of Europe: a few hours away are such famous cities as Paris, Rome, Prague.

After graduation, you can extend the residence permit for a year and a half. This gives you the opportunity to live in this country not as a student, when your brain is mostly busy studying, but as an ordinary resident of the country. You can find a job, consider the option of further residence and building a career in this beautiful country.

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