Studying in Poland in English in 2020-2021

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The issue of obtaining higher education at Polish universities is very popular for students today, you will not only have an excellent education, but also an EU diploma, which is recognized both in Poland and in any country.

Before enrolling in the institute of this state, a graduate needs to master the Polish language. A distinctive feature of Polish education is that in them a student can receive education in both Polish and English.

To date, state and independent higher education institutions of this state provide programs at the educational qualification level “Bachelor” and “Master”. You can obtain more detailed information about Polish education from our educational consultants in Poland, whose goal is to provide great support to graduates from Uzbekistan who wish to study in the Polish Republic.

The following are the areas of education that are provided in English.

The cost of studying in Poland in English

The fee for English-language studies in higher educational institutions of Poland is established depending on the status of the University of Interest (independent or state) and the field of study, profession.

In general, the cost of Polish higher education is approximately 2000-4000 euros per academic year.

Tuition in English for Poznan University of Economics (PUEB)

This economic university is very widely known for the dangers of such EU universities. It provides an English-language education, as well as graduates of this school receive master's and bachelor's degrees in economics, financial management and business. The cost of a bachelor's degree in established areas is 4,000 euros for one academic year. English-language education at the master's level is provided in five areas, and the cost ranges from 3600-5110 euros for one academic year.

The cost of education in English at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology (PJAIT)

This institution is the most prestigious university in Poland in technical specialties and education in the field of information technology, the training of which is conducted in English, and graduates of this university receive a diploma that is recognized throughout the European Union. The cost of studying at this university, depending on the direction, ranges from 2680 - 3680 euros for one academic year.

The cost of education in English at the University of Vistula

This educational institution is one of the most famous universities in Poland. In this educational institution, graduates receive bachelor's and master's education in the areas of economics and information

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