What are the top SKY universities and why does everyone want to get there?

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Over the past ten years, Korean popular culture has spread rapidly not only in Asia, but also throughout the world. The "Hallyu" or Korean wave that started in the mid-90s sets records, and it attracts public attention. Interest in the country has increased, so the number of people who want to get a bachelor's or master's degree in South Korea has also increased. Now many people know that Korean universities are not inferior to educational institutions in the United States or Europe. However, navigating the diversity of universities with names that are difficult to pronounce is still a difficult task. What does the abbreviation SKY mean and why will every Korean shudder if you say three cherished letters?

The SKY abbreviation is the first letters of the names of South Korea's most respected universities: Seoul National University, Korea University, and Yonsei University. It is believed that absolutely all graduates of these universities get a high-paying job, and at the same time a privileged status in society. There are several reasons why SKY universities are so popular:

  • Ranking

According to QS Asia University Rankings, which includes the best educational institutions in Asia, SNU and Korea University are ranked 11 and 12, while Yonsei University is ranked 21. For 5 years in a row, the "big three" is located in the 100-200 best universities in the world according to such portals as QS Top University and The World University Rankings.

  • Tuition fee

It is safe to say that prices for education in South Korea are affordable, compared to American and European alternatives. Education in the country is much cheaper: bachelor's degree in the region of $12 500, master's degree - $15 500. In addition, there are many easy ways to get a scholarship. For example, a government KGSP scholarship includes tuition, round-trip tickets, and a scholarship payment of about $900-1000. This amount is enough for students both to pay for living in a hostel, and to meet basic needs.

  • International  environment

A nice bonus for students who have not studied Korean is the fact that many SKY University programs are taught in English. Over time, there are more foreign students, exchange students, and foreign teachers.

Not to mention the fine architecture of the «Big Three’s» main buildings. Similar to small cities in Europe, SKY Campuses are popular tourist destinations. You can often see young people lining up to take their precious pictures. This ritual is especially important during the cherry blossom season. Even if you are not interested in the application, you should visit the student section in Seoul. Perhaps if you take a look at these magnificent buildings and appreciate the nature around them, when you get home, you'll start collecting documents.

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