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Transport and Telecommunication Institute (Latvia)

Latvia is one of the three Baltic countries and a member of the European Union. People of Latvia are hospitable and cheerful, friendly and open towards visitors.Riga is the capital of the Republic of Latvia-largest city of the Baltic countries.

TSI is all about an individual approach  and respectful attitude to our students, highly valued lecturers from all the world, 16 scientific labs with modern equipment, a library with the largest collection of electronic scientific books in Latvia, contemporary study programs-the content is focused not only on the acquisition of theoretical knowledge but also on practical training. TSI study programs have been developed in cooperation with  industry representatives-TSI business partners.


TSI alumni work worldwide and gain success in IT, Telecommunication, Aviation, Logistics, Management and other fields. TSI is proud of Academic staff, 70% of lecturers have a PhD in science.

TSI is a modern university providing academic programs in the following areas: Transport and Logistics, Aviation Transport, Computer Sciences, Electronics and Telecommunications, Economics and Management.

Combining classic university traditions and innovate technologies, exact sciences and a creative approach-TSI, with a history spanning 1000 years, is the university-successor of the legendary RKIIGA (Riga Civil Aviation Engineering Institute) and RAU (Riga Aviation University) TSI has been   challenging and developing great minds for more than a century.

With approximately 2800 students from such countries as Russian, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, India, Kazakhstan, Moldova, UK and others, our traditions continue from the past to the present and we have ambitions for a future that will make the work and the reputation of TSI renowned on the international stage.

The center of Telecommunications, Electronics and Robotics includes 16 labs equipped with the latest software and hardware widely used in academic and research activities. Each lab is a collection of contemporary technical, software and methodological equipment, which allows classes with students to be conducted at the highest level.

TSI managers many mutually-successful strategic relationships with leading Latvian and international enterprises. TSI provides its partners with the opportunity to collaborate  with research staff as well as with outstanding students who are preparing to become future business leaders. Moreover, during and after a course of studies, the Career Center helps graduates to successful launch careers.

International Students Exchange programs

The program allows, TSI students to take part in student exchange to study or do practical training in foreign countries lasting from 2 to 12 month at each level of study.  All TSI students, regardless of their nationality and citizenship, may participate in the ERASMUS+ aims to improve the academic and professional skills and expand employment opportunities.

Student self government is a student organization that aims to solve matters related to the students rights and duties, organization of events at the Institute, cooperation with other higher education institutions and public organizations.