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Is it possible to get a free education in Europe?
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The answer to this question can highly surprise future students. Nevertheless, getting a free higher education in Europe (in the same England) is a reality. This phrase sounds incredible, of course. Everyone is used to the idea that if education in our country is not cheap, then in European countries it is even more expensive.

However, free European education is a proven fact. And this is no exception to the rule.  Different countries, of course, on their terms, provide students with the right to graduate for free.

By the way, this right is obtained not only by students living in these countries, but also by foreign students. Naturally, there are some limitations, which are quite understandable, but if you follow simple rules, you can become a student of almost any European university. For instance, students receive education in the language of the country where they are studying. Although some countries, such as Norway, provide training not only in the language of their country, but also in English. And of course, free education in European universities implies excellent student performance.

European countries that you should pay attention to first of all:

  • England
  • Czech
  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • Norway

In short, with a great desire, an applicant will always find for himself (or herself) not only a suitable option, but also an interesting option for him/her personally.

Advanced representatives of our youth prefer not to travel far, and receive free higher education in England or Germany. Universities of these countries are very willing to accept foreigners into their ranks, without charging a fee from them.

By the by, nothing prevents you from earning money somewhere during training in order to secure yourself a certain amount for personal use. In general, this is what most do. Therefore, it is safe to say that each student studying in Germany provides for himself.

When a student finally receives a well-deserved education, they may be allowed to stay working and live in this country. For guys studying in German universities, there is a delay in military service. Studies can last from four to six years. Every student who has completed at least the first year at any Uzbek university has the right to receive free education.

Passing any exams for admission to a German university is not required. But it is necessary to pass the test of knowledge of the German language. If suddenly the student could not pass the test with dignity, then he can always improve the situation through language courses. These courses are available in all universities, and best of all, they are also free.

For detailed information about studying in Germany or other European countries, you can get competent consultation from our study coordinators in European countries.