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How to overcome the language barrier?
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Nowadays knowing English is not something new. It is means of international communication and a path to a successful career, and so on.  

Language barrier and its causes

The main problem on the way to the study of a foreign language is the language barrier. Excellent knowledge of grammar, a large vocabulary does not always guarantee the ability to freely, confidently express their thoughts. The language barrier is quite frequent phenomenon.

Let’s review 2 types of such barrier:

  1. Linguistic barrier
  2. Psychological barrier

The cause of linguistic barrier can be the lack of practice, difficulties in the perception of a foreign speech.

The case of psychological barrier is much serious. It is based on the fear of making mistakes in communication, the uncertainty in their one’s knowledge, skills, being shy in communication with a foreigner.

Means of overcoming language barrier

The best helper in overcoming language barrier is your tutor, who, in turn, must be also a psychologist.

Taking into consideration all the psychological peculiarities of a student and learning by individual methods will help to master the language, bypassing any manifestation of the language barrier. Individual lessons with a native speaker also help a lot, as well, as you communicate with a foreigner and immediately gain experience of conversational English and overcome the language barrier right in the classroom.

Don’t forget about systematic vocabulary replenishment and vocabulary practice.

Reading books, watching films is a simple and fascinating way to learn English on your own without tutors.

Repeat and practice grammar, specifics of the language, use of words, language constructions - all this will help to feel confident face to face with the interlocutor.

At what age is it easier to overcome the language barrier?

I guess the only ones who don't know the language barrier are the kids. They learn the language in a natural way, imitating the mentor. They are not afraid of making mistakes because they are not criticized or scolded. At an early age, children are driven by curiosity, a passion for learning new things and the unexplored - it's time to channel energy into the right direction and introduce the child to a foreign language. It is also necessary to choose the "right" teacher, who will take into account all the psychological characteristics of the student, will reveal his potential and contribute to learning in a comfortable, free atmosphere.

So, we came to the conclusion that it is better to learn the language in advance, at an early age, and then this "step" can be passed.

How do I learn English so that there is no language barrier at all?

What should you do if you still can't avoid the language barrier? The answer is simple: more practice! As mentioned above, language lessons with a native speaker, as well as independent reading of books in the original, watching movies, listening to music - the right way to solve this problem.

Immersion in the language environment is an essential part of the practice. Talk to native speakers as much as possible - train your skills, replenish your vocabulary, and strengthen your learning.

Journey is a great opportunity to sharpen your speech skills. After talking to the local population, you will learn a lot of new words, master conversational skills and soon feel like a fish in the water.