Jalal-Abad State University


Jalal-Abad State University was opened by the Decree of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic dated April 2, 1993 as a state educational institution designed to provide training for specialists with basic and complete higher education in such areas as electronics, energy, construction, education, as well as specialists for the agro-industrial complex.

The university was founded on the basis of the Kara-Kul and Tash-Kumyr evening faculties of the Kyrgyz Technical University (former FPI), the Zhalal-Abad Zooveterinary College, the Jalal-Abad Pedagogical School, the Mailuu-Suu Electromechanical College and the Kochkor-Ata College of Electronic Devices.

Jalal-Abad Pedagogical School was organized in 1926. as a pedagogical college. This is the first and largest pedagogical educational institution in our country during its existence, more than 31 thousand specialists graduated (1926-1993).


Bachelor's degree:

  • Physics and mathematics - $516.77
  • Business Informatics - $42,300
  • Physical Education - $516.77
  • Pedagogy - $516.77
  • Taxes - $549.92
  • Finance and loans - $49.92
  • Economy - $549.92
  • Jurisprudence - $588.92
  • State municipal administration - $549.92
  • Bar - $588.92
  • Forensic Science - $588.92
  • Tourism - $516.77
  • Design - $516.77
  • Electricity - $ 594.77
  • Veterinary Medicine - $569.42
  • Oil and gas business - $569.42
  • Philology (Russian) - $516.77
  • Philology (English) - $516.77
  • General Medicine - $1365.05
  • Pharmacy - $1365.05

KZ Requirements:

11/12 year graduation diploma
GPA from 100% to 70%
Knowledge of Russian or Kazakh language



The university has its own paid dormitory. It costs $15 per month

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