Wonkwang University


Wonkwang University was founded in 1946 under the name of Yuil Haklim and has since served as a pioneering private school in the advancement of Korea’s modern education system. For the past 66 years, we have remained firmly committed to developing talented people with upright character and specialized knowledge. WKU is the ancient home of the Mahan and Paekche kingdoms (B.C. 1C – A.D. 660) in the Western part of South Korea.

WKU was founded as the cultural and intellectual center of Jeonbuk Province and currently has fifteen colleges, consisting of twenty-six departments and thirty-six divisions, as well as nine graduate schools including the law school. As of March 2013, The University has an enrollment of 17,000.

The University has the high-quality facilities necessary for advanced studies, comprehensive research, and creative cultural activities. The Main Library and University Museum include a variety of collections of rare books and folkloric materials. Fifteen colleges and sixty-six research institutes contribute to Wonkwang’s diverse academic environment and scholarly accomplishments. The Wonkwang Medical Center, located on campus, offers both Asian and Western Medical practices. In addition, Munhwa Stadium provides the community with sports facilities as well as a venue for diverse cultural and popular entertainment experiences.


  • College of Humanities
  • College of Business
  • College of Life Resources Science
  • College of Pharmacy
  • College of Education
  • College of Natural Sciences
  • College of Life Sciences
  • College of Oriental Medicine
  • College of Fine Arts
  • College of Social Sciences
  • college of engineering
  • College of Dentistry
  • College of Medicine
  • College of Public Policy
  • College of Liberal Arts


The Wonkwang University dormitory can house 3,670 persons. On campus, there are 8 buildings for living including Haknim Hall (15 levels) and Boeun Hall (13 levels). Off campus, there are Dodeok Hall for students studying medicine and students preparing for the national examinations, Seowon Hall for students of Won Buddhism studies, and Woojeong Hall for students of military services division. In the dormitory, students from different hometowns and countries can spend time together to learn each other’s languages and cultures. By doing so, they can expand their network, learn to build human relationships, control themselves and prepare themselves for the world. The double rooms will provide an internet connection. Other facilities include common bathroom, shower, study room, lounge, gym, cafeteria, snack bar, laundromats, and others for convenient campus life

Student Dormitory will provide the theatre of the festival to share the romance and friendship of university life. In May and November each year, the Day of the Sketch will be held. The Student Dormitory Festival running with Open House, Sports Competition and Talent Show presents a meeting point for sharing friendship and romance while deepening friendship between seniors and juniors.

Scholarship for International Students

For the first semester, a partial tuition waiver is possible based on the applicant’s level of TOPIK.

  • Students with TOPIK Level 5 or higher : 100% Total tuition (Instruction Fee + admission fee) waived
  • Students with TOPIK Level 4 : 60% of Instruction Fee waived
  • Students with TOPIK Level 2~3 : 50% of Instruction Fee waived
  • Students who have completed the Korean Language Course (Grade 3 or higher) at WU : 50% of Instruction Fee waived
  • Students with Grade 2 or higher on WKU’s TOPIK test
  • Students in arts or sports majors : 50% of Instruction Fee waived

– From the second semester, a merit scholarship is applied depending upon a student’s grade point average, from 30% to 60%, based on the Wonkwang University International Student Scholarship Regulations.Students who do not have Health insurance will not be able to get a scholarship regardless of the their GPA.

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