Universidad Europea


The European University is an institution of higher education that operates three private universities in Spain and one in Portugal:

  • European University of Madrid
  • European University of Valencia
  • European University of the Canary Islands
  • European University of Lisbon

Three university clinics and a virtual campus are available to students.The European University of Madrid, 1 has two campuses: the Villaviciosa de Odón campus and the Alcobendas campus. It is the largest private university in Spain in terms of student numbers.

Since September 2008, the European University has a presence in Valencia through the European University of Valencia, officially known as the European University of Valencia; recognized as an independent private university in November 2012, and ESTEMA Business School. These institutions are integrated on the same university campus, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and a range of laboratories dedicated to areas such as social sciences, health care, legal and business sciences, arts and communications, engineering sciences and architecture.

One of its graduate schools is the MARCh Graduate School of Architecture and Design, which offers a master's degree in architecture, design and digital innovation, a graduate degree in applied architecture, and a graduate degree in design and digital innovation. Established in 2013, its headquarters is located in the city center of Valencia and the other in Godella, where most of the courses take place. Among its most notable features is the establishment of various relationships between the academic environment and foundations such as Fundación Arquia and Portoacademy, or international companies.

University clinics

The European University owns three university clinics, a polyclinic of a university clinic and a dental university clinic in Madrid, as well as a dental university clinic of Valencia. Almost all of them teach theoretical, practical, clinical, competence and patient care courses in dentistry, podiatry, optics, optometry and physiotherapy, as well as various master's and postgraduate courses related to these degrees. In addition, the faculty includes medical workers who combine their profession with teaching.

Virtual Campus

The European University has a developed virtual campus. In it, students can access a range of learning materials and resources, online guides, forums and chats managed directly by their teachers and available for the subjects they have enrolled in. In 2012, this space includes a new social layer with UEMapp, a smartphone app that allows teachers and students to connect to the virtual campus and connect with others from any mobile device or computer.

Collaborating Centers

Universidad Europea has cooperation agreements with various companies in order to provide its students with the opportunity to undertake internships in a professional environment close to the reality of various sectors.

To provide our students with a holistic education and shape leaders and professionals who are prepared to respond to the demands of a global world. In addition, we aim to empower our students to add value to their professional fields and contribute to social progress with their entrepreneurial spirit and ethical values. We also aim to generate and share knowledge through applied research, while also contributing to societal progress in order to place us at the forefront of intellectual and technical development.


  • Basic sciences Laboratory
  • Casa Salzar Library
  • Biotechnology Laboratory
  • Chemistry Lab
  • Criminalistic workshops
  • Design workshop
  • Legal clinic 
  • Physiology Laboratory
  • Virtual Set 
  • University Dental clinic

Since its inception in 1995, Universidad Europea de Madrid has opted for an innovative, comprehensive and quality education, occupying, today, a leading position in the Spanish private higher education sector.

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