orth China University of Energy NCEPU 华北电力大学


NCEPU was founded in Beijing in 1958, formerly known as Beijing Energy College, and is owned by the National Department of Energy. In 2003, it was transferred to the Ministry of Education for management and was managed by the Ministry of Education and the University Council. The council was created by China State Network Corporation and six other key energy companies. It currently has nine members, including the China Electricity Council.

North China Power Engineering University (NCEPU) is the key national university of Project 211 and Project 985, which is led directly by the Ministry of Education. The headquarters are in Beijing and the campus is in Baoding. Both campuses provide integrated management. Currently, NCEPU employs about 3,000 faculty members, over 20,000 undergraduates and about 10,000 graduate students. It covers over 1,600 acres and over 1 million square feet of floors.

To implement the strategy of internationalization in 2001, the International Institute of Education (IEI) was created to develop international cooperation. The main objective of IEI is to educate foreign students, provide Chinese and English language learning services, and participate in joint master programs and loan transfer programs involving NCEPU students in partnership with partner universities in the UK, America, Canada, France and Australia. cooperate. Studying at NCEPU and relevant partner universities abroad. To date, we have accepted about 500 full-time and part-time students in Chinese, English and academic programs. In recent years, we have developed a unified master's program in electrical engineering with the University of Manchester and the University of Stratlid in the UK, an accounting report and a training program in finance, nuclear engineering and technology with the University of Queensland, Australia. INP in France.


  • Engineering
  • Electrical and automation


  • 100% grant for 4 years
  • Training in the capital of China
  • International diploma
  • The ability to work while studying (Work Visa) (Work and Study)
  • The opportunity to get a well-paid job from the university after graduation
  • Work visa (work and study)
  • IELTS and HSK certificates not required
  • Dormitory and tuition are absolutely free !!!!!!
  • Assistance in obtaining a visa

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