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About Us

MC Academy (formerly known as MCSE – Manchester Central School of English) is an English Language Academy located in the centre of Manchester

Since 2005, MC Academy has been welcoming students from all over the world to our warm and friendly school.

We provide our students with everything they need to improve their English language skills and boost their confidence. 

We are accredited by the British Council, which guarantees a high quality of teaching. We are also active members of English UK


As an English language Academy, MC Academy provides a full range of English language courses at every level – from General English to Exam Preparation, as well as specialist courses tailored to students’ needs. Achieve your goals at every level!

Study an English language course that is perfect for you today!

General english

Our General English courses are for students who want to improve their English for their careers, their studies, or just for fun!

Level: Beginner-Advanced (A1-C2)

Hours per Week: 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25

Business English

Our Business Englishcourse is for students who want to develop their careers in an English-speaking business environment.

Level: Intermediate-Advanced (B1-C2)

Hours per Week: 5

Pre-sessional course

Study at a UK University without the need for an IELTS score. Our Pre-sessional course is designed to provide students with the academic knowledge required for university.

Level: Intermede (B1-C2)

Hours per Week: 25

One-to-one classes

Ourone-to-one classes highlight an individual’s areas for improvement and provide opportunities to work on individual needs. An individual learning plan is agreed upon between the teacher and the student, ensuring that the student’s needs and requirements are met.

Level: Beginner-Advanced (A1-C2)

Hours per Week: 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25

EAP (English for Academic Purposes)

Our EAP course at MC Academy is designed for students who wish to pursue an academic career by studying at a UK university. Our EAP course provides students with the academic skills and knowledge to progress to higher education in the UK.

Level: Intermede+ (B1+)

Hours per Week: 5

Junior Summer School

Our Junior Summer School provides young learners from around the globe to practise their English skills whilst making new friends. Several packages are available as part of this programme to suit every students’ needs.

Level: Beginner-Advanced (A1-C2)

Hours per Week: 15 or 20

IELTS exam preparation

Our IELTS exam preparation course is for students who want to take the IELTS exam, which is part of the pathway towards university education for foreign students in the UK.

Level: Intermediate+ (B1+)

Hours per Week: 15, 20, or 25

Examining Body: IELTS

Cambridge exam preparation

Our Cambridge exam preparation  course is for students who want to improve their career prospects or to develop their English to a high standard.

Level: Upper-Intermediate+ (B2+)

Hours per Week: 15

Examining Body: Cambridge

OET (Occupational English Test)

Our OET course prepares students for the Occupational English Test (OET). The Occupational English Test is an international English language test for the healthcare sector.

Level: Intermediate+ (B1+)

Hours per Week: TBC

Examining Body: OET

Accommodation at MC Academy


Reside with a friendly homestay host in Greater Manchester and improve your English language skills in a natural environment.

Homestay accommodation at MC Academy provides students with a unique cultural experience to enhance their English language skills.


Situated, on average, 40 minutes from MC Academy by public transport. You can enjoy the suburbs of Manchester with one of our host families.


You will have your own bedroom. 

Some hosts offer ensuite while others offer a shared bathroom.

Common living area and laundry facilities.


There is no better way to practice your English and learn about British culture than living with a British family.

Our host families are varied, you may stay with a single person, a family with one child, a family with many children, a retired couple, a young couple, or a family with pets.

What’s Included?

2 meals from Monday to Friday and 3 meals on weekends and public holidays.

Self-catering options are available upon request.

What can we do for you, so that you can start studying at MC Academy in England? – official representative of many higher education institutions abroad. We use the proven technologies of searching for academic programs and successful admission strategies, so our customers do not waste time searching for information and taking extra steps. While we are engaged in your admission, you can continue mastering a foreign language or preparing for exams.

  • We give information on studying in England for free;
  • We select the university, school, courses and academic program;
  • We prepare the correct set of documents;
  • We send the application to an educational institution;
  • We apply for scholarships/grants;
  • We help you get a student visa;
  • We organize a transfer to the door of the educational institution.

In order to get a free consultation, just fill out the form below and we will contact you during the working days!

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