Abbots Bromley School

  • The location of  Abbots Bromley School is Country Staffordshire, England

  • Educational program of  Abbots Bromley School: nursery and primary classes (KS 1-3), GCSE and IGCSE, A-level

  • The age of students of Abbots Bromley School: 3-11 (boys), 3-18 (girls)

  • The common quantity of students: 330

  • Type of residence: day, partial and full-time boarding school

  • Type of of education: sharing (under 11), separated (for girls only) – under 18

The Independent Private School and prestigious Sixth Form College are brought together under a common roof of Abbots Bromley School. The nursery and primary classes, which are dedicated to boys, are for kids between 3-11, meanwhile for girls the educational course is complete (from 2-18). The total number of undergraduates is 330.

The campus of Abbots Bromley School is situated in Country Staffordshire. The lively Staffordshire is just round the corner and the road to London and international airports takes approximately 3 hours. The common area of the territory is 52 acres: the green, picturesque and well-groomed area with a huge parking zone for long-term walks and active life style.

Due to statistics only in 2013 62,5% of students got the highest (A-B) scores from A-level, from GCSE – 92%. In 2015 those who got A-B and A-A revealed 84% and 58% accordingly.

In 2015 The Daily Telegraph represented Abbots Bromley School as the best among the other private schools in Britain.

The official religion in Abbots Bromley School is Anglicanism, however all religions are equivalent.

Habitation, Food and Prices

Abbots Bromley School offers several types of placement: day form (without habitation), partial pension (the weekends are not considered) or full-time pension (the most frequent). The full-time residence gives an opportunity to live 7 days in a week (weekends are included) in the territory of the school. There are only 3 spacious houses (Roch House – 3-9, Cavendish House – 8-16, Somerville House – 16-18). Boys and girls live separately. The total number of pensioners is just around 65.

The food supply is regular and various.

Subjects, specialty and sport.

Subject list: English, business studies, biology, geography, human sciences, art, Spanish, History, Mathematics, Music, German, political science, religious studies, sociology, Physics, PH, Photography, French, Chemistry.

Events list: horse riding, swimming, dance, choir, sport etc.


All equipments of Abbots Bromley School are high-qualified and meets world standarts. There are GYMs and sport complexes, swimming pool, horse riding center, church, theatre and medical centers in the territory of the school.


The tuition fees in Abbots Bromley School depends on the chosen course. The following is the price of the first trimester per 1 person, living and food – full pension:

  1. Primary school (4-6 forms) = 7665 £
  2. Secondary school (7-9 forms) = 7665 £
  3. High school (10-13 forms) = 9435£

Additional fees:

  1. Registration = 250 £
  2. Deposit, claiming the program
  3. The mid-term deposit
  4. Extra classes, excursion and events (optional)
  5. Transfer
  6. Air tickets (both ways)
  7. Health insurance
  8. Guardianship
  9. Personal incidental expenses
  10. VISA fees and services
  11. Council fees
  12. Uniform

Students should provide IELTS certificate (alternative way is interview with the staff), statement with marks and characteristic from previous educational institution.

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