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A Quality school that cares

The International School of English is a quality professional school dedicated to delivering the highest Educational standards in International student care. It has been operating successfully since 1995.

We are a dedicated Student Management team who pride ourselves on making your experience memorable and worthwhile whilst achieving your personal student goals.

Our experienced and qualified teachers ensure a friendly and professional language learning experience. Lessons are lively and communicative, helping you to progress and develop your English language skills. Students are given weekly progress tests to monitor progress, and tutorials every 6 weeks to assess development and offer suggestions on how to improve.


  • The maximum class size for English classes for adults is 15 students.
  • 6 levels are offered from Beginner to Advanced.
  • Class duration: 3 hours + 15 minute break.
  • The student must be aged 18 or over.
  • IELTS and Cambridge Examination Preparation courses all require a minimum of 8 people to run. If this number is not reached, an alternative course may be offered.
  • ISE reserves the right to cancel a course if there is not a sufficient demand for it. In this case, full refunds will be given.


  • All accommodation is offered subject to availability.
  • Accommodation fees are non-refundable.
  • There is an accommodation placement fee of €60.
  • The en-suite room (private shower & toilet) is available on request for an additional fee.
  • Minimum booking is 1 week and the maximum is 8 months for Student Residence and 4 weeks for Host Families, subject to availability of dates requested.
  • Students should pay accommodation 4 weeks in advance to avoid disappointment.
  • Students are advised to book and send the flight details in advance to get the accommodation details as soon as possible and avoid disappointment.
  • Extra fee may be charged in the high season June/July/August/September
  • Late payments or short notice (less than 4 weeks) cannot guarantee accommodation availability.
  • In such case that a payment is made with short notice (less than 4 weeks), the student will not be eligible for a refund should they choose an alternative accommodation option. Additionally, they are liable to pay any difference should the rate of the alternative option be higher than the original payment made.
  • There will be an extra charge for special requests.


  • Host family accommodation is on a Saturday to Saturday or Sunday to Sunday basis. Extra night accommodation may be requested and may be offered at a nightly rate subject to availability.
  • The student should wish to change Host Family. ISE will only do so after discussing the situation and reasons with both the student and the family.
  • Accommodation prices include half board (Breakfast & Evening meal only) from Monday to Friday and full board (Breakfast, Lunch and Evening meal) on Saturday and Sunday.
  • En Suite room (private shower & toilet) is available on request for an additional fee.
  • The student may be accommodated with families within 45 mins to an hour travel time by bus.
  • Families may host students of a number of nationalities.
  • Minimum booking 1 week and the maximum is 4 weeks, subject to availability for dates requested. Students should book accommodation 4 weeks in advance to avoid disappointment especially if they wish to study during high season.
  • The Accommodation Manager is in charge of recruiting families and knows each family on a personal basis. Families come from a variety of backgrounds from traditional Irish families to modern – day families where both parents work. Some hosts are single professional.
  • There is a code of conduct that must be respected between family and student on request from the Accommodation Manager. If any problem arises the Accommodation Manager will endeavour to resolve them in the best interests of the student, the family, and ISE.
  • Special request (dietary, pets, children etc) must be made at the time of the initial booking. We may not be able to accommodate special requests after the student has been placed.
  • There will be an extra charge for special requests.


Accommodation is a very important part of your experience when come to study English abroad. Some students like to stay with a host family, so they can be more integrated with the local culture. Others people really like our student residence (house shares) – it’s a popular choice! – where students share an apartment with other language students, sharing facilities, like in university.

What can we do for you, so that you can start studying at ISE Dublin Waterford in Ireland? – official representative of many higher education institutions abroad. We use the proven technologies of searching for academic programs and successful admission strategies, so our customers do not waste time searching for information and taking extra steps. While we are engaged in your admission, you can continue mastering a foreign language or preparing for exams.

  • We give information on studying in Ireland for free;
  • We select the university, school, courses and academic program;
  • We prepare the correct set of documents;
  • We send the application to an educational institution;
  • We apply for scholarships/grants;
  • We help you get a student visa;
  • We organize a transfer to the door of the educational institution.

In order to get a free consultation, just fill out the form below and we will contact you during the working days!

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