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How to overcome the language barrier?

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The main problem on the way to the study of a foreign language is the language barrier. Excellent knowledge of grammar, a large vocabulary does not always guarantee the ability to freely, confidently express their thoughts

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Study In Turkey in 2020-2021

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Features of admission and training for Uzbekistan students

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The benefits of studying abroad

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If you want to be successful in the future, get a well-paid job or build your own business, education abroad is the surest way to achieve these goals!

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5 facts about American universities

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Are you thinking about going to University in the US? In this case, knowledge of the main features of the American education system can play into your hands.

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Education in China: its cost and the possibility of obtaining a grant

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Chinese is one of the most difficult languages in the world, it is almost impossible to learn it by self-study. At the same time, knowledge of Chinese is one of the criteria for obtaining a grant.

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Education in Germany: accessibility and benefits

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Education in Germany has always been popular and attractive among foreign countries. Approximately 12 per cent of the students in the country are foreign students.

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Higher Education in Canada: benefits and drawbacks

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Canada is one of the countries with the most comfortable living conditions and a high level of education. Therefore, it is not surprising that so many applicants want to get into Canadian universities.

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Canada`s high school admission process

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We will tell you about the procedure of admission to a Canadian school. It is very important to attend to this issue in advance, at least a year in advance, as the admission process is quite complex and long.

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Detailed information about studying in South Korea for students from Uzbekistan

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Detailed description of South Korean Universities for Uzbek students. Scholarships for studying in South Korea, requirements to applicants, tuition fees, accommodation and entertainment during the studies, transportation and student visa.

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