Canada`s high school admission process

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Many schoolchildren from Uzbekistan enter foreign schools. It is not surprising, because the sooner your child starts studying abroad, the faster he adapts to another education system, the higher the chances of entering a rating University, the faster you can get a residence permit in a foreign country, if there is such a desire.

Canadian school admission procedure

We will tell you about the procedure of admission to a Canadian school. It is very important to attend to this issue in advance, at least a year in advance, as the admission process is quite complex and long.

Choosing an educational institution and preparing documents

You need to start with the choice of an educational institution in Canada. When you have done this, it is time to fill out the application forms. To do this, you need to register on the school’s website, create your account and fill out questionnaires. Usually you need to provide information about the student, his interests, personal data of the child and his parents, write a motivation letter.

To application forms you need to attach a report card with grades and their translations. Since admission often begins before the final results for the current year are obtained, it is sufficient to provide academic results for the previous two years and the first semester of the current. If there are results of international language exams, then they must also be attached.

The teachers' contacts you left in the application form send them a request for recommendations. Teachers are sent a list of questions that need to be answered in order to characterize the student. The standard forms of characteristics that are written in our schools are not suitable. All questionnaires are in English. If the teacher does not own it, you will have to contact the intermediaries who will translate into Russian, help fill out the questionnaire, and then translate into English.

Registration fees

In order for the application to be considered, you need to pay a non-refundable registration fee. For a greater likelihood of entering and minimizing risks, it is recommended to go to several schools at once. Accordingly, then several registration fees must be paid. Without them, no one will consider documents.


If the academic results meet the conditions for enrollment, the school will schedule a Skype interview. Usually, during the interview, the representative of the admissions committee wants to learn about the motives of the student, his interests, hobbies, family, hometown, literary interests. It is advisable to prepare well for such an interview.


Then, some schools in Canada offer to take an internal test, which contains questions in mathematics, English, logical tasks. Some schools require mandatory SSAT exam results instead of an internal test. The SSAT test tests the student’s verbal, mathematical abilities, and also determines the ability to understand, read, and the ability to write an essay.

There are schools with a simplified admission procedure. For example, in Braemar College (Toronto) it is enough to go through a skype interview and fill out a simple application form online or by hand, as well as send a time sheet for the last 2 years of study and for the current quarters.

Upon arrival at school, the student will be offered a test in English and mathematics. According to the test results, your child will be assigned to a specific group. If he enrolled in school, they will send you an official letter of enrollment, present a package of registration forms for filling and signing, a schedule for paying for tuition, as well as information about accommodation. Accommodation can be directly at school, in a residence or in a host family.


If you have chosen full-time education, you can live with one of the parents. After that, you can start applying for a Study Permit student visa. Do not forget to take custody. Some schools do not provide these services. Guardianship is formalized through Canadian organizations that deal with this issue.

What forms do you need to fill out?

Let's go through the registration forms that need to be filled out. Usually this is an order of a school uniform, a questionnaire for organizing residence in a residence, all kinds of permissions from parents to provide medical care, driving in a car driven by a school representative or another person.

Separately, there is the question of filling out a medical form. It is necessary to visit a therapist to make a conclusion about the student’s health status. Previously, the medical form must be translated, since our doctors can only sign a document drawn up in Russian. After that, this document will need to be translated into English and certified with the seal of an official translator. It is also very important to provide a certificate of immunization. It is necessary to check the availability of all necessary vaccinations and translate this certificate into English.

Selection of subjects

It is very important to choose the right course.

The school provides a list of compulsory and optional subjects. Everyone is participating in this program. In accordance with the interests of the child, his future plans and academic achievements, it is necessary to choose mandatory and additional subjects.

Closer to the summer school sends a list of references. After receiving the final results of the current year, they must be translated into English and sent to school.

Summer camps

In some schools, you can take part in the adaptation summer camp before the start of the school year. Schools are invited to this camp in advance. It is necessary to fill out application forms, pay for training and accommodation in the camp. Please note that in this case, this means that you need to study in the camp.

What do you need to bring to school?

To study at some schools in Canada, students will need a laptop of a particular brand. You need to take care of its purchase in advance. The school can offer a purchase through its website. You will be sent a curriculum schedule, a schedule of semesters and vacations, as well as a list of necessary things to take with you. In addition to personal items, usually you also need to bring bedding with you, but you can buy them in Canada through the school.

Flight and transfer

After purchasing tickets, you must contact the institution to arrange a transfer to the school from the airport. When a student visa is received, all necessary documents are signed and sent to school, you can prepare for a trip to Canada.

Admission to high school is a long and complicated, one might say, complicated procedure. Take care of your time, do not risk the future of your child and turn to professional agencies for studying abroad.

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